Thursday, August 29, 2019

A Country of Cowards and Heroes

I didn’t hear her name, but she was an eight-year-old child from Honduras. I didn’t understand her native language, but an interpreter told me that she was praying for the people of the United States to follow the teachings of their own religions – the teachings that commanded them to love others as they love themselves. 

Maybe what happened next was a coincidence or maybe it was serendipitous, but two weeks later the entire United States halted when what looked like mini bullet-shaped jets landed in fields everywhere. 

Anyone who tried to attack the aliens was met with weapons the size of cocktail straws that instantly paralyzed their targets. While everyone stood impotent, the beings who emerged from those jets claimed the earth as their new home base, seizing property and children whose parents agreed with the separation policy of alienation from their parents.

As the paralyzed victims of substantial loss tried desperately to assess the situation, a voice permeated the crowds and caused everyone to assimilate her powerful vision and wisdom as she drew forth her weapon and insinuated herself into the souls of everyone around her. Her name was Conscience.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Hilarious Old People's Embarrassing Senior Moments

Instead of writing, I've been creating videos. I am inviting you to check this one out:

Friday, August 23, 2019

Opportunity for Creative Writers with a Short Attention Span to Make Money!

If you're the type of writer who likes to write short blurbs, like those found on greeting cards and t-shirts, this blog's for you!

Back in the 70s I created about a hundred greeting cards. The only types of cards available back then were sappy, sentimental types. My greeting cards were sarcastic. When I sent my ideas to about 100 different greeting card companies, of the ones who wrote back, variations similar to, "There is no market for these kinds of cards," filled my mailbox. I wanted to scream, "I KNOW! I'm creating the market!"

Fast forward to shortly after that time, sarcastic greeting cards proliferated at an exponential rate – and now – they're everywhere. While I love researching for long articles and now for YouTube, I'm more of a Reader's Digest kind of writer. A get-to-the-point kind of writer. A say-it-and-move-on kind of writer.

So when I started designing cups, t-shirts, tote bags, and more, I found my niche! And how did I discover this new avenue of expression? Through YouTube, where I also decided to start my own channel, Youthful Aging for REAL Women.

By watching YouTube videos, I discovered a variety of ways to make money, one of which, besides my YouTube channel (brand new – I'm not making any money yet), was by designing items for sale, through a company called Teespring! So I revved up my brain and started creating. I have a designing background, so that helps, but all you need to know is how to manipulate fonts and text sizes if you're eager to start. And some programs, like Canva, will allow you to create designs for a small fee.

I was fortunate to find a couple of artists on Facebook who agreed to draw some ideas for me and wait for payment until those items sold, but I'm so excited to begin this new chapter of my life, I can't wait to share what's happening to me with other writers who enjoy short, to-the-point, sayings.

As an example of the types of wording I'm using, samples below appear in these stores on Teespring:

Halloween Items

Women Empowerment

The Love Joy Laugh Shop

Craft Lovers

Eclectic Mugs

The Creative Soul

Pregnancy and Baby Items

Proud to be an American

Crochet Lovers

Totes to Tote

The Writer's Write Shop

And here is an example of one of my totes available in The Writer's Write Shop:

Interested in getting started? Write up several comments you'd like to see on the fronts of t-shirts or tote bags. If you're good at design, you can also design iPhone and Samsung cases. Head over to and start placing your items. The site is simple to follow. Just pay attention to what you're doing. You can get lost – only because you have SO MANY OPTIONS! With one simple design, you can create t-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, hoodies, tote bags, cups, and more! With ONE design!

If you're artistically creative, Teespring offers leggings, pillows, and other items to design, too. 

For instructions on how to use Teespring, if you have difficulty maneuvering through the site, please watch Greg Gottfried. His instructional videos will walk you through the process. They helped me immensely.

If you become successful with Teespring, please let me know in the comments below!

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

You Are Enough!

The following post is an entry for a contest being held by You Are Enough, hosted by Positive Writer.

I noticed her from across the room and I recognized the pain that emanated from her face. I wanted to save her from the burden of knowing that the support and encouragement she craved would never come from the people who meant the most to her. She reflected all of my own doubts and fears that I have held for most of my life. 

The love and emotional support she sought from others she couldn’t find even from herself, and I found myself being drawn to her. If nobody else could hug her and comfort her, I, somebody who cared about her, wanted to be the one to give a warm embrace. 

The pain that welled up from the bottom of her soul stretched out beyond her arms and spilled onto each page. The release was palpable and voluminous. I tried to tell her, “Can’t you see that you are not an empty vessel? Look what you’ve achieved!” 

But she could see only blood splatter and with nobody other than me to tell her she was worth the words she wrote, she climbed inside herself to protect herself from the pain of knowing she could find comfort only from herself. 

As I wrapped my arms around her and wiped away her tears, I said, “You may never be able to rely upon the people you want to believe in you. You might have to look to me for comfort.”  

Those were harsh words for her to swallow. Her eyes filled with tears and her lower lip quivered. 

“So you have to find faith in yourself.” I hoped my words comforted her. But maybe she needed more. Maybe she needed, not only to know, but also to remember, that she was worthwhile.

I asked her to reflect on words of encouragement she received from former English teachers, who applauded her writing skills and enjoyed them so much they read aloud some of her work to the class. I asked her to pay attention to the little joys in her life and to be proud of her accomplishments. I asked her to look into the eyes of people who truly made her feel loved, to see in their eyes what I wanted her to see in herself.

Did I just see a glimmer of hope? 

Maybe it didn’t matter that the people she wanted to believe in her couldn’t or wouldn’t. But somebody did. Other people believed in her. And maybe that motivation and a belief in herself was enough.

As I neared the mirror, I looked more deeply into her eyes. “You are enough,” I told her. “You are more than enough.” And with that I wept with gratitude. 

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

PayPal Account Holders BEWARE!

If you receive ANYTHING from ANY source claiming to be PayPal, DO NOT RESPOND unless the address shown for the sender is actually from PayPal. I recently received the following email from a source that CLAIMED to be PayPal, but was not. It came from this email address: dnyvfabt@qukypjoc.vpulk. 

ALWAYS check the address and REMEMBER – PayPal will NEVER ask you for your password – EVER!

Here was the letter:

unknown.gif (the hacked PayPal logo went here)

Case ID Number: PP-023-145-320-5676.

Dear Cilent,

Recently, there's been activity in your PayPal account that seems unusual compared to your normal account activity.

To help protect your account, you can't :
  • Send or receive money
  • Withdraw money
Also, you won't be able to:
  • Add or remove any bank accounts
  • Add or remove any cards
  • Dispute any transactions
  • Close your account

You have to verify your information in order to continue using our service smoothly. 

You can resolve this by following these simple steps: 
1. Click on the button below. 
2. Log in by entering your email and password 
3. Provide the information associated with your account. 

Click Log In Here rights (I removed the link.)

Beef up your security 

This is part of our security process and helps ensure that PayPal. Continue to be safer way to buy item. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. 



Copyright © 1999-2017 PayPal Inc. All rights reserved. 


Beyond the fact that the word, Client, is misspelled, the grammar and punctuation is atrocious – (i.e.. “This is part of our security process and helps ensure that PayPal. Continue to be safer way to buy item.”)

If you get a suspicious email like the one I received forward the entire email to I just did.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

How Do You Unsubscribe from 0xb93ebd8b? Impossible to Get Rid of This Spam? So Far, YES!

Every week I get numerous emails from 0xb93ebd8b. When I attempt to unsubscribe, I get a page that looks like this:

But when I put my email address into the white box, and click the Unsubscribe button, NOTHING happens. And when I send this email,

I get a warning that asks me to check the recipients. How can anybody end the relentless month-after-month-after-month deluge of emails that come from a site that obviously hides behind a very weird combination of numbers and letters – 0xb93ebd8b? 

By contacting the Federal Trade Commission! They will help! That’s their job, right? 


Since the email address doesn’t link to an actual email address, they may not be able to help. I gave it a try, but because I get so many emails from 0xb93ebd8b, I seriously cannot spend hours every day sending ALL of them to the FTC, which is why I’m asking for your help. Maybe you get inundated with emails from this ghost site, and you’re getting just as sick of it as I am. Let’s work together to end the deluge of emails from this annoying site!

If you’re having difficulty extricating yourself from voluminous spam emails from 0xb93ebd8b or any other spammer, forward the unwanted or deceptive email to 

By the way, my yahoo and gmail accounts seem to be safe from the deluge of unsolicited 0xb93ebd8b emails. The unsolicited and annoying emails appear only in my accounts. 

Thursday, April 28, 2016

How to Dissuade People from Reading Your Blog

Every day, hundreds of new emails sit in my inbox, many of which provide links to blogs written by people who belong to various writing groups where I am a member. I cannot possibly read through all of them, though, and honestly, because I get so many of them, I fall behind to the point that at one time I had close to 60,000 unread emails in my inboxes (yes, I have more than one email). 

Over a period of several days, I managed to dwindle the number down to a comfortable few hundred and today as I write, because emails come so frequently, I’m at nearly 6,000 again. So when I get a chance to look through my emails, I search for the most interesting topics and I click the links.

The other day I found a blog that looked very interesting, but I was pestered with so many popups, I finally left the blog in exasperation. The last thing a reader wants after expecting to read what promises to be a fascinating blog is to get interrupted numerous times with popups. And what happened when I tried to leave the blog? Another popup!

I understand the need to monetize a blog, but if you’re more interested in making money than you are in enticing people to read your blog, why bother writing anything at all? Just slam your readers with a bunch of popups.

Another annoying advertising technique is to interrupt your readers with a video they can’t see. Your readers are already interested in your content, but a couple of sentences in, voices suddenly emanate from their computers and, instead of reading your blog, they are now searching your page to find out where the annoying interruption is located. Sometimes the video can’t be found or readers give up, because your page is packed with so many ads they can't locate the source. 

But the voice continues. A minute may not seem like a long time, but if you don’t believe how long a minute feels to the person who is trying to read your blog as they listen to the voice they can’t find, try this experiment: Click THIS CLOCK and sit for one full minute as you watch the second hand return to its original position.

Now imagine that every ten seconds, a popup explodes onto your screen. How attractive is that blog you want to read now? Does the blog persuade you in any way to continue reading or to revisit the blog?

I’ll never know what that blogger tried to convey. The topic lured me into her blog, but the popups were so annoying, they managed to distract me to the point of leaving her blog before I read anything beyond the first couple of sentences.

Bottom line: monetizing your blog is perfectly fine, but please don’t distract your readers with numerous popups or videos they can’t find unless you don’t want them ever again to visit your blog. One or two cute popups is fine, but too many and your readers may miss some amazing content.

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