Sunday, March 15, 2009

NEW wordpress BLOG

As if these three blogs weren't enough, I just started another one on wordpress (using my real name).  

Is it obvious to anybody else that I need a life?

However, it's hard enough just trying to save my own. Just today for example, as I stated in my wordpress blog, my sister told me I was dying JUST because I couldn't breathe. I am having a COPD attack. 

In order to breathe, I need medication. And therein lies the problem, because the cost of a simple inhaler is KILLING ME financially. I have no insurance, and even if I did I'd probably save – NOTHING – where did we ever come up with the idea that by spending less on ANYTHING is saving us SOMETHING? We're still SPENDING!

OK, now my blood pressure is up. I think I'll have a heart attack. Oh so many ways to die. If only I could make three thousand dollars a month writing, I'd have enough money to pay for things that make me breathe easier.

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  1. Wow, 1 blog is enough for me! It is fun, though. I just came across yours through your AC page...




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