Tuesday, March 17, 2009


COPD had me sitting all day yesterday, because I couldn't get up to take care of the kids in my day care – I had to cancel it. I sat – completely still – at my computer all day, where I focused on breathing and researching and writing. WOW! I was amazed at how much research and writing I could complete when all I did was research and write.

Nobody asked for something to drink or eat. No faces or hands to wash, no diapers to change. No dishes, other than my own, to wash. I didn't have to entertain anybody or set up games, computer programs, or ANYTHING. All I had to do was write!

And I got SO MUCH DONE! For somebody who has spent her entire life filling every single second of every single minute, etc., with multitudinous tasks, these past couple of days have been outstanding! 

Well, except for the COPD that is STILL ATTACKING ME! So what does that mean – that I can spend a full day writing only if I'm sick? Apparently. At least until I retire. Or until I can make a living from full time writing.

Oh, retirement, I don't mean to push my life forward too far, but how come you seem so close and yet so far away?

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