Friday, March 27, 2009

Writing Takes a Back Seat

My goal has always been to make my living as a writer. More than writing though, I wanted to be a mom. When my kids grew up, I reasoned, THEN I could write. And if it didn't happen when they grew up, if I needed to perform some other tasks that took me away from writing for a majority of the day (because money wasn't coming from my writing), I could always look forward to retirement. 

I never really looked so far into the future, though, that I considered I would also be blessed with grandchildren and great grandchildren – so many people – so much love. 

My days are divided into segments where my day job (daycare) takes sometimes as much as 11 hours a day and writing occurs only when and if possible. I had hoped I would be an established writer by now.

But when family and friends call, email, or visit, goals I set for writing get put on the back burner. The back burner is ready to topple over.

At one time, I felt like the Jimmy Stewart character in my favorite movie, It's a Wonderful Life. For so long, finances were so bad, I had to claim bankruptcy. My expenses were more than double my income. I sometimes felt as if I should throw myself off a bridge just to see if an angel would think me worthy of rescue. 

But the frustrations of writing with so many interruptions were, I discovered over the years, offset by the love I received from every member of my family and from the great friends I have.

Even though everything took me away from my writing, I found snippets of time to write little things that could be added to other little things that eventually grew to bigger things. I found online communities that supported my articles and my blogs. 

I found angels everywhere – family members who actually took the time to read my blogs and my articles, friends who took the time to comment. And new acquaintances who told me I was doing a great job. 

Family and friends will always come first and I look forward to whatever interruptions I get from them. I rely on the phone and email to connect me to loved ones and I live for photos like the one above, when my daughter-in-law, who lives with my son (a U.S. Marine) and their three children, sends me little treasures every once in a while that mean so much to me. My grandson Kaden wrote a "G" for Grandma, reminding me of the importance of family connections, and he gave me a reason to write this blog.

Aside: while I was writing this blog, I asked Audrey (my granddaughter) to give me just a few minutes to write – four and a half hours later, my blog is finished!

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  1. Just wanted to say good job...and good luck... with the writing!




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