Tuesday, April 21, 2009

One Creative Lady

Hand made artistic items have always impressed me. Whether they appear in the form of art, writing, music, or design, the people who spend time focusing on their talent inspire me.

Fortunately for me, etsy.com is filled with creative inspirational people – the entire web site is dedicated to artisans who create everything from booties for babies to sketches of homes to exquisite jewelry. etsy.com is tailor-made for the person who loves unique items.

As you search through items on etsy, every once in a while you find a creative talent whose artistry synchronizes with current events. Marcia Hellmuth, Penciled By Marcia, is one of those people.

When the housing market crashed into the basement, many people lost their homes – homes they treasured. Marcia’s artwork offers these people a way to hang on to the memory of their home. Her artistic renditions of the family dwelling give people who have lost their homes a heartwarming gift they can mat, frame, and hang in their new home or apartment. They may have lost the home they loved, but they can hang its memory in their living rooms.

Some people love their homes but have to move for financial reasons or job changes. A hand sketched drawing of their favorite home makes a lovely addition to the artwork in their new home.

You don’t have to lose your home to hang a drawing of it. Maybe you still own your home and love it enough to have a sketch of it hanging in your parlor or foyer.

Do you have a son or daughter who has moved away from home? A drawing of home will remind them of you.

While Marcia’s main request is for drawings of homes, she also gets requests for sketches of boats, farms, or even a favorite pair of boots.

Looking for a parting gift for a retired co-worker? Why not give your co-worker a drawing of the building where he or she spent every working day?

Or how about a drawing of your favorite vintage automobile or an antique table given to you by your grandmother?

All you have to do is take a clear picture (make sure the sun is at your back or that you have plenty of lighting – shadows in the photo will appear in the drawing) of your home or item, and send it to Marcia at mm.hellmuth@gmail.com.

The drawings usually measure 8”x10” or a little larger, and she charges between $75 and $100. Penciled By Marcia accepts Visa, Master Card, Discover or Paypal.

The sketch above is one of Marcia’s.

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