Monday, April 6, 2009

Tasers for Teachers!

Inspiration for these blogs comes from a variety of places. Yesterday, as I was mourning the empty space in my soul where the career I'm still waiting to call mine is supposed to reside, my friend Denise called. Just so you know, every time I type her name, it first comes out as Dense – not that I consider her dense. Denise is just funny.

Denise is also my former Beatles buddy. We attended a Beatles concert in August, 1965, where we jumped around like a couple of hysterical teenagers, and John Lennon waved at us. Yes, we are that old. And yes, Denise, I still say, he waved at US, because WE waved differently from everybody else and HE NOTICED US! There!

Yesterday, when I divulged my depressive thoughts to Denise, we talked about all of our depressing circumstances. Denise is an instructor at a college in southern Illinois. She's afraid she'll get fired, because the president doesn't like her ideas.

At their last meeting, where they discussed ways to manage their rude and unmanageable classes, and the president of the college asked for suggestions, Denise offered her own remedy for keeping her classes in line – tasers for teachers. 

Her president was not impressed. I, however, couldn't stop laughing after hearing her suggestion. I imagined all these prim and proper educators expecting miraculous remedies for unmanageable classes, and Denise suggested tasers. How could they not laugh?

OK, I guess I'll have to agree with Denise and file that in the "things not to say" drawer, even though I'm sure John Lennon would have written a song about it.

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