Friday, May 15, 2009


Excuse #1 for not posting to this blog in a few days:
I've been writing my other blogs and promoting my newest article:
Excuse #2
I've been taking care of children
Excuse #3
I've been researching an article I'm writing
Excuse #4
I've been sick with another COPD attack

Remedy #1 Here is my new post
Remedy #2 Tomorrow is Saturday
Remedy #3 I still have lots of research to conduct
Remedy #4 Prayers, meds, and as much rest as possible.

And now about the research. I am writing about a topic that has interested me for decades – touch deprivation. Not much has been written on the subject, though some heartbreaking research was conducted on rhesus monkeys years ago. 

Right now, this article is going in a hundred different directions. Trying to corral all of the thoughts and research into one cohesive article is a challenge as I wrangle words from various sources and combine them with thoughts from my head. This subject touches me deeply (pun intended) on so many levels, it's hard to write objectively.

But I forge ahead.

Write on!

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  1. I've been bad about posting lately, too...too much going on this month!




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