Sunday, June 21, 2009 & Family Zip

OK, I know I only just started using Spacky, and only recently have I begun posting on Family Zip, but I have decided that I LOVE both of them. Because I write for Associated Content, I can see every day how many people read each article.

Ever since I started using Family Zip, my numbers have increased at a much faster rate than they did before I started using Family Zip. Of course not all articles would be suitable – they must provide tips for families on a variety of subjects – but other than that, it's a great promotional source for writers.

The one article I wrote using Spacky, Have a Talent You Want Others to Know About? has already generated more views in one day than any article I have ever written.

I just posted a new article, Dealing with Bill Collectors - What to Do when Bills Get Out of Control using the Spacky system of generating key words, and I'll know tomorrow how well the system worked on that article.

According to all of the valuable information I've been reading about how to promote your work and get readers, generating the right keywords assures the most success. Spacky allows me to choose words associated with my article, find out how many people are running searches on words that relate to my article, and then seamlessly weave those words into the fabric of my article.

Finding other words that closely relate to the topic and blending them into my article "effortlessly" is another challenge. What that means is that I have to write smoothly and not force the words on the page. But I love a challenge, and I think it's going to pay off.

If you drop into this blog, try Family Zip (look to your left for link) AND Spacky (link for is provided in previous post). Give them both a try and see if your numbers increase. Let me know!

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