Thursday, August 27, 2009

Need Your Help For Research

Conducting Research On 2 New Articles

Please help me with the stats on these 2 new articles. You can remain anonymous. All I ask is that you answer all questions. Serious replies only, please. They can be brief.

1. You discover your best friend's spouse is cheating on him or her. Do you tell your friend? If yes, why? If no, why?
2. Your best friend discovers your spouse is cheating on you. Would you want to know?

1. You discover you have a grave illness. Do you tell your friends and family? If yes, why? If no, why?
2. A family member or treasured friend discovers he/she has a grave illness. Would you want to know?

Please answer the above questions and leave the following information:

Your sex
Your age range (under 25, 25-40, 40 and up)

Feel free to forward this to your friends and family members as well. The more research I conduct, the better the results. Just ask them to keep the subject line as Need Your Help for Research. Send responses to:

I will be gathering responses through September 15, 2009.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

How To Decorate Your House With Duct Tape And Other Articles You’ll Never Write

Today I am going to introduce you to a fellow Associated Content (AC) writer who helped me start my morning today laughing. I like to spend some time reading other blogs and articles, so I try to get some reading in before my daycare opens.

Well, this morning I found this little gem: The Most Bizarre Articles I (Thankfully) Never Published by Anne Baxter. Like Anne, I too, have volumes of ideas stuffed into folders or entered into a computer document entitled, “ideas for future articles” so when I came across this article, I couldn’t help but read it.

Maybe you have your own file of articles and blogs you can’t wait to write. I highly suggest, before you push the publish button, that you read this article first.

Monday, August 17, 2009

More Help For Writers!

I love great finds, and this new blog I found is definitely one I will be reading – often. The author helps writers locate online writing opportunities and discusses writing sites that PAY.

Her newest blog concerns writing for Associated Content. As an AC writer myself, I find her information invaluable. I am nowhere near the level of making the kind of money she talks about in the blog, but if you've been following this blog, you already know my daycare days are sometimes as long as 11 hours. My days leave me little (and sometimes no) time to write (which explains why I'm sitting at my computer at 1:30 in the morning writing this blog. I'll have to "wake up" in another 5 hours to prepare for my day).

But before I head back to bed, I would like to leave you with a link to this new blog: Online Writing Places. You'll get to meet other writers and learn about income-producing writing sites. Click on the link and check it out!

And for some shameless promotion, please also read my new article – 47 Ways To Build Your Child's (And Your) Self Esteem: A Self-Esteem Pilot Program for Parents and Teachers.



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