Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Once Upon A Time

Well, you know how the story goes, right? It starts out with, "Once upon a time," and it takes you into a magical world filled with wonder – and chaos. Then, after fighting monsters and gaining the respect of the people for whom you fought the monsters, you live life happily ever after.

I am in the monster stage, battling breast cancer and trying to stay abreast of my writing. (Did you like the play on words?)

It has been a while since I've posted anything on this blog, so I'd like to update you on some of my writings in case you would like to click on anything you find interesting.

Articles first:

On Associated Content I posted Diagnoses: Breast Cancer – Part II, which journals my recovery process from the beast in breast cancer.

I also posted on AC Pedophilia in the Workplace, which offers lots of resources to help parents whose children, knowingly or unknowingly, work for pedophiles.

On Xomba, I explore the question – Ouija Boards vs. Angel Boards – Are They Just Games? Read it and see if you agree with my perspective. (As an aside, if you would like to write for Xomba, read my previous post to find out how to write for them.)

Blogs next:

On Help For Single Parents I offer 14 Top Coupon Sites to Help with Holiday Shopping.

On My Heart Blogs to You I write about How You Can Prevent Car Accidents with the Bubble Rubber Bumper Buggy. (Be honest – you're wondering what that is.)

And, on MHBTY, I tell you about a little episode with The McDonald's Police. (Didn't know they had one, did you?)

In my Wordpess blog you can read about How My Most Embarrassing Moment Won Me a Prize. You can also read about Those Sabotaging Sisters. And you can read about How the iPhone Helps Me Write Even After I Go To Bed.

Well, I must say, this makes me look like I've actually accomplished some things despite my bout with cancer.

And so I must end this blog writing, "happily ever after."

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