Saturday, January 23, 2010

What Happened to

One valuable search tool I often used was However in the past several weeks I have been unable to access spacky. Is it because Google AdWords shoved them out of the market?

I enjoyed using But now I'm wondering what happened to them. They never advertised. I found out about them through word of mouth. I liked the idea of venturing into territories other than Google, though I must admit I accessed Google a lot too.

But now I'm left with only Google AdWords as my keyword tool. I should ask myself why I would even need another tool for locating words that would sell my writing, but I don't. And in this age of SEO (search engine optimization), knowing which words to use helps tremendously.

Another place I should visit frequently, but I forget to visit is Google Trends. If you want to know what's HOT and be assured that what you write will be noticed, check out Google Trends. Maybe it's because I don't want to force myself to write about things just because they're popular, and maybe it's because I don't want to compete with thousands of other writers who want to write about something only because it's HOT, but I must admit, I'd really like more people to read what I write, so I'm trying to pay attention to what works and what doesn't.

Google AdWords works. Sadly,  spacky doesn't anymore.

All links are provided above by clicking on them.

R.I.P., Spacky.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Articles, Blogs, and Poem Updates for January 19, 2010

Welcome to my latest blogs and articles. Take a break, relax, and help a fledgling writer feel useful and a little more experienced.

I've broken the blogs and articles down into various components for you, and I'm hoping (begging actually) that you will please click the links. I'd love some feedback and I hope you enjoy them:

Humor Blogs

The Mysterious Case of The Missing Earring

The Inside Voice and Old Maid

Feeding Monk

Serious Blogs

Imagine All People Living In Peace

Plagiarism And YOUR Work

Paranormal Blogs:

Follow Paranormal State and Ghost Adventures

Past Life – Another New Paranormal Show

And now to my latest articles:

Humor Articles:

Kiddy Kwips

15 Ways To Sabotage Yourself On A Daily Basis

Serious Articles:

Left To Die – Stories of Alcohol Poisoning

Smoking – How Bad Is It Really?

Are All Breast Cancers The Same?

Paranormal Article:

December 21, 2012 – The End of the World As We Know It – Or Is It?


This first poem is a prayer I wrote several years ago in an attempt to comfort myself from some issues I was dealing with at the time. The words flowed through me with such grace, I felt as if they came from somewhere else. See if you agree.

The Comforter

This next poem was inspired by Santana in the early 70's. You might think it is a bit risqué, but I hope you'll see it as more sensual than sexual.

Sensuality On The Seize Of Love

And that's it. As I said, feedback is always welcome, and if you feel like sharing any of them, please do. It will help me.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Plagiarism and YOUR Work

Once, quite by accident, I discovered MY WORK – an article I had spent a lot of time researching – in somebody else's blog, rewritten in such a way as to identify it as belonging to the blogger (because it was rewritten so poorly), but not so mangled I didn't recognize that it had been defiled from MY original.

Not knowing how to report the incident, I commented at the end of his blog that if the blogger wanted my work, he could at least ask me and attribute the work to me, and if he couldn't ask, he could at least display my work exactly as I had written it and not butchered the English language to make it appear as his own. He never contacted me and I have since forgotten how I found him, but I was upset.

As a writer, unless I'm writing a blog or a whimsical article that requires no research, I put a lot of time and effort into researching, writing, and rewriting my articles. So imagine how I felt when I discovered that my hard work had not only been stolen but massacred. What recourse could I have taken?

I didn't know then, but I know now, thanks to Linda Ann Nickerson, how to handle matters of plagiarism. As a preventive measure, or if you've already noticed your article parading as somebody else's work, I implore you to read the following two articles:
If your article has been plagiarized or posted without your permission, read, How to Report Plagiarized Items to Google.

What if you don't know about whether or not some web site has pirated your work? Linda helps you find out with her article, Uncover Plagiarism With Google Alerts.

We all work very hard to present ourselves as professional writers. It's time we held thieves accountable for stealing our work. Thank you, Linda Ann Nickerson, for your help.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sows, Yeppers, Pet Peeves, Avatar 3D, and Inspiration

If you've ever had a toddler or if you've ever been around a toddler who is just beginning to speak, you'll enjoy reading the musings of a mother attempting to help grandparents understand the vocabulary of a toddler.

Oh, who am I kidding. As soon as you hear the name Brittney (shown in the middle photo), you're going to know it's about my toddler, who is now 25 years old. If you're at all curious about what a sow or yepper is, read, Creating Helpful Dictionaries.

Every once in a while you come across somebody, and it may be somebody you've never met, who impacts you so profoundly, you can't help but be inspired by her (or his) spirit. When I met Maria Roth, a fellow Associated Content contributer (links to her articles can be found by clicking on her name) and found out about her daughter who is battling T-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, I became immediately inspired by this little girl (Audrey is shown in the top photo).

The fact that her name is Audrey probably helped, too, because one of my granddaughter's shares the same name. But my Audrey is healthy, and I couldn't imagine the pain and courage it must take to deal with such a horrendous problem. Yes, I know I have cancer, too, but the dynamics change when they involve a child.

As you can see by her picture, she is a delightful little girl with an amazing spirit that shines through her eyes. One night as I was attempting to sleep, that little spirit prompted me to the computer to write about her and that's how the poem, Portrait of Audrey came about.

An article I wrote for AC was prompted by my fascination with the technological advances made in movies today. When I saw Avatar in 3D, I couldn't help but wonder why we can't view everything in 3-D. And that thought prompted this article: Avatar 3D and 3D TV.

To top out the list of my writings this week (not too many articles or blogs, but I'll explain why in the next paragraph), I wrote 23 Pet Peeves about RUDE PEOPLE. See if you agree with my list, and if you have any additional pet peeves to add, please comment on the article.

OK, now for the reason I wasn't writing much this week – I was crocheting a lapghan/loveseat runner for a friend and I applied for an online writing job (through Unfortunately, I don't know if I match (or exceed) their expectations, and I had to write two brand new never-before-published articles to see if I qualified.

Without sounding negative, the reason I probably won't get the job is because I don't write for a health-related web site, and that was one of their requirements. But I thought, why not give it a shot anyway – I love to research, I worked for a hospital for several years where I had to take a course in medical terminology, and I have written health-related articles before on Associated Content.

The problem will be if they consider Associated Content to be a "generic" site. If they do, and I don't get the job, at least I can say that I wrote two additional articles this week – obviously health related – and I can include them in my next blog.

So please click the links above and let me know what you thought about them.

(My granddaughter, Audrey, is shown below Brittney, her mommy, in the bottom photo. The photo was taken a few months ago when she visited the American Girl factory.)

Thank you.

Monday, January 4, 2010

From Flintstonefossilmobiles to Philosophical Philisms of Dr. Phil

Yes, it's article and blog update time. Ready?

Welcome to my latest blogs:


This first one recounts the "old jalopy" my family pedaled around way back in the 1950's:

Road Trips in the Flintstonefossilmobile


This second blog relates an amazing discovery I made from my British friend, Christine, an illness that afflicts only men (though not any of my male friends and family members).

Man Flu


Those of you who know me know I love great paranormal shows. Here's information about a new one that hasn't aired yet.

NEW Paranormal Show


In my blog entitled, Your Blog Connection, I introduce you to a man who offers divorce support for those struggling with the effects of divorce. He also mentors writers and I include a link to his web site, along with a link to his articles on Associated Content:

Divorce Help and a Writing Mentor All in One Person


This next blog, Creating Helpful Dictionaries, helped my mother when she was taking care of my youngest daughter many years ago. See if you can figure out what the words were supposed to be before I tell you what they really were.


And now for my articles:

My newest paranormal article for Xomba concerns numerology and provides a great link where you can get a FREE numerology reading, no strings attached (they don't even ask for your email address):

Search For Self Through Numerology


Many years ago a dear friend of mine made a pact with me. This is the story of that pact (please forgive the outrageous mistake at the beginning – 2002 should have read 1982 and there's no way I can change it):

The Pact


My continued saga of my breast cancer journey is found in one of my newest Associated Content articles:

Diagnosis: Breast Cancer - Part III


If you watch Dr. Phil, you know he consistently repeats certain phrases. I have coined those phrases as philisms. You can read about them here:

The Philosophical Philisms of Dr. Phil


And finally, here are 23 Pet Peeves About RUDE PEOPLE

As always, feel free to comment if you can. Thank you!



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