Monday, January 4, 2010

From Flintstonefossilmobiles to Philosophical Philisms of Dr. Phil

Yes, it's article and blog update time. Ready?

Welcome to my latest blogs:


This first one recounts the "old jalopy" my family pedaled around way back in the 1950's:

Road Trips in the Flintstonefossilmobile


This second blog relates an amazing discovery I made from my British friend, Christine, an illness that afflicts only men (though not any of my male friends and family members).

Man Flu


Those of you who know me know I love great paranormal shows. Here's information about a new one that hasn't aired yet.

NEW Paranormal Show


In my blog entitled, Your Blog Connection, I introduce you to a man who offers divorce support for those struggling with the effects of divorce. He also mentors writers and I include a link to his web site, along with a link to his articles on Associated Content:

Divorce Help and a Writing Mentor All in One Person


This next blog, Creating Helpful Dictionaries, helped my mother when she was taking care of my youngest daughter many years ago. See if you can figure out what the words were supposed to be before I tell you what they really were.


And now for my articles:

My newest paranormal article for Xomba concerns numerology and provides a great link where you can get a FREE numerology reading, no strings attached (they don't even ask for your email address):

Search For Self Through Numerology


Many years ago a dear friend of mine made a pact with me. This is the story of that pact (please forgive the outrageous mistake at the beginning – 2002 should have read 1982 and there's no way I can change it):

The Pact


My continued saga of my breast cancer journey is found in one of my newest Associated Content articles:

Diagnosis: Breast Cancer - Part III


If you watch Dr. Phil, you know he consistently repeats certain phrases. I have coined those phrases as philisms. You can read about them here:

The Philosophical Philisms of Dr. Phil


And finally, here are 23 Pet Peeves About RUDE PEOPLE

As always, feel free to comment if you can. Thank you!

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