Saturday, January 23, 2010

What Happened to

One valuable search tool I often used was However in the past several weeks I have been unable to access spacky. Is it because Google AdWords shoved them out of the market?

I enjoyed using But now I'm wondering what happened to them. They never advertised. I found out about them through word of mouth. I liked the idea of venturing into territories other than Google, though I must admit I accessed Google a lot too.

But now I'm left with only Google AdWords as my keyword tool. I should ask myself why I would even need another tool for locating words that would sell my writing, but I don't. And in this age of SEO (search engine optimization), knowing which words to use helps tremendously.

Another place I should visit frequently, but I forget to visit is Google Trends. If you want to know what's HOT and be assured that what you write will be noticed, check out Google Trends. Maybe it's because I don't want to force myself to write about things just because they're popular, and maybe it's because I don't want to compete with thousands of other writers who want to write about something only because it's HOT, but I must admit, I'd really like more people to read what I write, so I'm trying to pay attention to what works and what doesn't.

Google AdWords works. Sadly,  spacky doesn't anymore.

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R.I.P., Spacky.


  1. Thanks Theresa for noticing. I've been wondering the same thing myself. I thought Spacky was a great tool as an addition to Google, but now I'm back there again. I try Wordtracker from time to time too. If Microsoft were smart, they'd add a keyword tool to Bing!

  2. Glad its not just me that noticed the passing of Spacky.
    I thought it was a super tool - I dont know of any other that has all 3 search engines results together on 1 page.


  3. I had just learned about Spacky, and found it very helpful. I'm glad I saved my results before the site went down. We need more tools like Spacky.

  4. Boy, I used Spacky a lot and I miss it. Can't find out anything, anywhere. I hope it is not gone for good.

  5. YESS!!!! I found people who loved Spacky as much as me!! I used this tool frequently and have only found one legit replacement called Market Samurai. But it costs money to use :(

    If anyone can provide me with a comparable free alternative to spacky I would be appreciative.

  6. Owner died rip.. If I can find a way ill bring it back some how.

    Stay tuned I'm @t




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