Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Virginia Slide Show and Links to Blogs and Articles

I've never posted a slideshow before, but if you missed out on the Virginia Snow Storm and you want to see the progression of the snow storm last week, click the link below:

A Slideshow of the Virginia Snowstorm

Here are links to a few humor blogs:

Buffalo Wild Wings
Virginia Snow Storm
What Does Dooce Have That I Don't Have?

And here are links to my serious blogs:

Parental Alienation Harms Children
Absurdity of Assumptions
Blog Carnival Submissions February 5

Links to my latest humor articles:

Maria Roth, Allene Newberg Bilodeau, Linda Louise Johnson...
BLOG-O-RAMA – Take One
BLOG-O-RAMA – Take Two

And links to my serious articles:

Associated Content's Crystal Ray of Hope
Most Outrageous People I've Met In The Workplace

A link to my paranormal article:

Reincarnation and Past Life

And finally a link to a few haiku poems:

Valentine's Day Haiku
Ode To A Bowl
Virginia Snow

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