Saturday, April 3, 2010

Kid Cons The Tooth Fairy and More...

Cancer is consuming my time lately because I have to go to radiation every day and sometimes I have radiation AND chemo. But since February 25th I've had some time to write. Links to those writings, along with a brief synopsis of each article or blog, appear below.

Please enjoy!

Saving Nolan's Privates
As you can see by the photo, sometimes pictures, while worth a thousand words, can sometimes leave you speechless. As a grandmother, though, I found the words to write the blog that accompanies this photo.

Kid Cons The Tooth Fairy
What happens when a child tries to con the tooth fairy? Find out what happened to one boy who attempted to trick the tooth fairy.

Are You Psychic?
Have you ever wondered if you were psychic? Do unusual circumstances lead you to believe that you might have experienced ESP (extra sensory perception)? This article explores various scenarios where psychic premonitions and feelings should not have been ignored.

Psychic Medium Allison DuBois
If you're a fan of Medium or Allison DuBois, you'll want to read about the true-life Allison DuBois. Find out how to meet her in person.

Cancer – Belonging to a Club I Never Wanted to Join
Cancer affects everyone. You probably know at least one person who has had or who is currently battling cancer. This article is written from my own perspective as one who is a future breast cancer survivor.

Gypsy Spirit – Bohemian Heart
A poem that explores the wanderlust spirit inside me.

BLOG-O-RAMA – Take Five
Driving through monsoon type conditions, the real Superman, and Little Miss Contest are subjects of this BLOG-O-RAMA.

April Fool's Day Jokes, Allen Funt, and Ashton Kutcher
While April Fools Day is over, you can still play these jokes on unsuspecting family members and friends.

Knife at My Throat and a Psychic Phone Call
Imagine awakening in the early morning hours, before the sun rises, to find a knife at your throat while your daughter sleeps peacefully beside you.

Trying to Watch American Idol With Two Spinning Children
The title says it all.

Home Schooling and Social Interactions – The Debate
Of every blog I've ever written, this one garnered the most attention and the most controversy.

Disciplining Your Children In Public
This problem has happened to all of us. We manage very well in a home environment, but when the kids act out in public, we are sometimes at a loss as to how to handle them. This article provides some concrete ways to discipline your child in public.

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