Tuesday, April 27, 2010

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We probably all have horror stories about bugs. I come from a family afflicted with bugphobia (a term I use to describe the outrageous hyperventilation and spastic actions taken by family members when they see a bug or even a phantom of a bug).

The phobia has been passed down from one generation to the next. Here is an example of how one of my grandchildren has been afflicted with the disease:

One day I set up a little picnic outside for my granddaughter, Audrey, and my grandson, Nolan.  After setting up their little table and chairs (Audrey is 5; Nolan is 2), and placing their meals upon their table, I went into the house to grab their drinks.

While I was in the house, I heard Audrey screaming, "I saw a shadow of a wasp on the garage," as she practically threw her back out in her race to get into the house. So I went outside to gather the food, the table, and the chairs so we could eat indoors.


Aww, Audrey was concerned for her grandma.

Believe me when I say I understand her fear of wasps. I had my own fearsome event when I was a young girl (you can read about it in a previous blog entitled, Road Trips In A Flintsontfossilmobile).

While having a bee (or wasp) crawl up my neck while my parents argued about what to do with the bee (or wasp) that I WAS HIGHLY ALLERGIC TO and that was GETTING CLOSER & CLOSER TO MY FACE was frightening, it didn't compare to the experience of panic I felt when I entered an apartment that doubled as a Cockroach Museum. Click on the link to read about that horrendous experience.

I felt as if my world were coming to an end. But it didn't. However, I thought that was a suitable segue as an introduction to one of my newest articles, The World is Coming to an End December 21, 2012. Click the link if you want to read MY interpretation of that fateful day.

And if you want to know The Truth: What You Must Know Before December 21, 2012, click that link, which will take you to a book written by Stephen Martin, not to be confused with Steve Martin who, I'm sure, has his own interpretation.

A t-shirt by somebody called Gildan with a humorous title you might want to check out is PARTY LIKE A MAYAN SOUTH AMERICAN DECEMBER 21 2012 CALENDAR T SHIRT (adult xl). I might get one and sleep in it the night of December 20, 2012.

And if you're interested in getting rid of wasps, try the Fatal Funnel - 6 Wasp & Hornet Traps (Mom & Cindy, I know you'll want to take advantage of them).

And, forgetting segues for a moment, if you want to know Why I Might Not Follow You On Twitter, click that link too.

These next two articles have to do with family matters. The first one, Why We Have Children, Get Married, or Have Pets was a question I had asked myself from time to time. When I came up with an answer, I decided to share it with others to see if they agreed with me.

The next article, The REAL Difference Between Men and Women, provides an answer that might surprise you. Or not. Decide for yourself.

In keeping with family issues, you might enjoy When Little Boys Want To Marry Their Mommies, which is fairly self-explanatory, or a question I'm sure you've NEVER asked yourself, What's A Crapbox? See if you can guess what it is before you get to the comment below the blog, because even as I wrote the blog, I had no idea what it was.

And last of all is a blog I wrote because I was so impressed with a fellow Associated Content writer's creativity that I had to include her in my Help For Single Parents blog. Click on the title to read, FUN, NEW, Learning Games – a Lyn Lomasi Inspired Blog.

By the way, the photo above is indicative of how my grandchildren clean the shelves at Barnes & Noble. Nolan is pictured in the photo taken with my iPhone. If you want to read how I got my iPhone, click How Sushi Became an iPhone.

Because these little critters bug me (ha ha, little pun there), and thankfully I don't have to worry about them, I would like to offer help to anybody interested in getting rid of cockroaches. Please click the link for Biocare Extra-large Professional Strength Cockroach Trap - 6 Long Lasting Traps - Non Toxic.

As always, thank you for reading. Please leave comments – they tell me I'm not writing this for only me. And yes, I know – sometimes Blogger won't let you leave a comment, but try if you can, OK? Thanks again.

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