Thursday, July 29, 2010


I have been blogging for way too long NOT to know what I just learned today. And thank God I learned it, though I must admit I haven't yet had time to apply what I've learned. As a matter of fact, knowing that it may be some time before I'm actually able to implement it, because I'm in charge of two of my grandchildren for the next several days while their parents vacation in Atlanta, Georgia, I am writing this blog for myself, so I will have all of the information in one place.

And I thought, why not share it with you?

And who did I learn this valuable information from? Marie Anne St. Jean. If you click the link, you will find her Associated Content articles. Her article, How to Use a Blogroll to Promote Your Blog is absolutely essential if you want to encourage more people to read your blog. You can also list all of your own blogs in the blogroll.

Whether you post on Blogger or Wordpress, you will find information that tells you exactly how to create a blogroll.

And if you don't already have a blog, but you'd like to write one, read Start Your Own Blog with Blogger Blogspot. Her comprehensive article will tell you everything you need to know to start your blog.

Marie Anne St. Jean is a former Marine (and, if you know me, I am partial to Marines, because my son is currently serving as a United States Marine). You can read more articles by Marie Anne St. Jean by clicking on her name.

(Not related, but of particular interest to me are her articles about crochet. If you love to crochet, you'll enjoy reading the many articles she has written about crocheting. She even has a blog devoted to crocheting – Every Day Crochet.)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Some Funny, Some Weird, Some Bizarre, and Some Sentimental

The following is a list of articles and blogs I've written over the past couple of weeks. Please click the links and enjoy!

How To Entertain our Family With Only A Can Of Bug Spray
This is how my family entertains the kids on a Saturday night.

Dream of Dead Grandpa Hanging In The Shower
From my new Your Weird Dreams blog.

Nightmare While Awake: A True Paranormal Experience
More from my new Your Weird Dreams blog.

It's Somebody Else
More funny stuff from the Audrey and Nolan files...

The New Grandson I Never Knew I Had
As if I don't have enough grandsons…

When Ya Gotta Go Ya Gotta Go
Fun trip across the country with 3 kids in the car.

Writer, WAKE UP!
What it's like for me when I'm trying to sleep.

Commemorating John Lennon's 70th Birthday, October 9, 2010: The Day John Lennon Waved at Me
It's been 45 years since I've seen the Beatles in concert. Here is one of my favorite memories from that day. Also includes a link to information about digitally remastered John Lennon music!

Reincarnation in the Bible and at the Movies
Controversial subject explored. Includes link to movies about reincarnation.

Vacation Destroyed By Tube Top
If you haven't heard about the trip my sister and I took many many years ago, here's your chance. PLEASE READ THIS ONE! I entered Xomba's Worst Summer Vacation contest, and I'd like to win a Kindle!

Effects of the Full Moon When Driving
My driving experiences preceding a FULL MOON!

Monday, July 12, 2010

A New Blog - And Article and Blog Updates

Some of you read every blog and article I write. Others catch one here or there through facebook or twitter links. To you I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU.

Others are busy (I completely understand) and catch only one or two articles or blogs (another HUGE THANK YOU).

Still others don't know about the other blogs and articles I've written, but are willing to read them now. And to all of you I say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Here is an update to those latest blogs and articles. I've included a little blurb or explanation about each blog or article to give you an idea of what they are about.

Article Writer For Hire – Lyn Lomasi & Jaipi Sixbear

Article Writer for Hire is one of the most helpful and user-friendly online web sites dedicated to helping fellow writers that I have found. If you've ever considered writing, you'll want to check them out.

The Symbol of a Grandma's Love

I came up with this particular symbol as a result of what happened to me the other night. Two of my grandchildren, my son's sons (Kaden and Zac), spent the night with me and slept with me in my bed. I'll give you a hint – it's not a heart.

Little Boys Love Their Penises

I will not embarrass any one of my grandsons in this blog (I can already hear the older ones sighing relief), nor will I embarrass my own son (HUGE sigh of relief), but I have to blog about this new situation. (The title says it all.)

How NOT to Get Out Stains & How TO Get Out Stains

Do you know what happens to cotton fabric when it's been left in a bowl of bleach overnight? I witnessed the (not so) surprising results.

Getting Your Kids To Eat Healthy Foods

Remember this commercial?
Brother One: Hey, let's get Mikey!
Brother Two: Yeah. He won't eat it – he hates everything.

Your Weird Dreams Inaugural Blog

Welcome to the first edition of Your Weird Dreams. I don't know why I didn't start this blog a long time ago. I have always been fascinated with dreams and curious about the role they play in our lives. In this inaugural edition, I relate a dream that disturbed me for years. More dreams from others will be included in future blogs.

Pharmacy and Doctor Office Fun

Unfortunately, though this exact problem doesn’t occur every time I try to refill a prescription that has expired during my doctor’s vacation time, something similar happens EVERY time he is either ON vacation or GOING on vacation.

God in the Star Spangled Banner Sung by a United States Marine

It's time to remind ourselves that God IS in our country, God IS in our schools, and God IS in our homes and in our government. We just need to acknowledge the presence of this Holy Spirit and act according to our hearts and our conscience.

A Purple Haiku Passion for Writing with YAC

A contest entry for a haiku written when Yahoo joined forces with Associated Content.

Does My Butt Look Too Big?

I'll let you in on a little secret here. I know the owner of the site I'm promoting. Do you? Ask me. I'll tell you!

How to Treat Jaundice in Newborns

Once a year I get a bunch of assignments all at once for Associated Content. Usually they come when I'm away from my computer and some other content producer has managed to snatch them up before I can even look at them. This assignment came into my email as I was watching my email, so I grabbed it immediately and got it! My FIRST!

Full Moon in the ER

You will hear a lot of controversy about an escalation of lunacy around the full moon. I can testify to the FACT that the level of weirdness increases during a full moon. Read about how I KNOW it to be true.

Are You Proud of Your Child – a Dog Helps You Answer that Question
Inspired by an amazing dog, this article explains my position on how to appreciate the differences in each of our children.

Kirlian Photography Shows Spirit Connections in Close Relationships

From the moment a loving mother first looks into her newborn's eyes, she connects in ways she has never before experienced. The mother/child bond, in most cases, is profoundly deep, and their mutually dependent energy unfolds within the miracle of birth.

Paranormal and Metaphysical: What's The Difference?

Because of the abstract nature of the words -- paranormal and metaphysical -- drawing a distinction between the two is difficult. The reason might be that the differences aren't so obvious. Read about how they are related and about how they overlap.


There you have it – all the articles and blogs I've written since the last time I got down on my hands and knees and begged you to read them.

After my chemo treatment tomorrow, I'll be gone for the rest of July, visiting my son and his family (and hopefully visiting a relative I've never met – a cousin from my mom's side of the family). What that means is that I MIGHT not be bothering you with blog and article updates for a while (unless during my nights of incessant insomnia I find myself on my laptop while my son and his family sleep).

Enjoy the rest of July!



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