Monday, August 30, 2010


I did it! I entered a contest and I won!

Which contest, you ask? The most recent Xomba (site is no longer live) contest. Of the three prizes I could have one, I won the one I wanted to win (lots of wa wa wa sounds in that sentence).

First place was a Garmin GPS system (I already have one, so I didn't want first place).

Third place was an iPod (I've made it this far in my life without one – why start now).

But second place was a Kindle and I wanted to win the Kindle, so I did. YAY, ME!

I texted my kids and grandkids to tell them the exciting news. And do you know what most of them said? "What's a Kindle."

So this blog is for them. A Kindle is a wireless book reading device. It lights up so you can read at night. You can load it with books. You never have to turn any pages or lose your place, and it comes with many classic books already loaded.

I keep winning contests at Xomba and I LOVE IT!

If you would like to write for Xomba, click any of the Xomba links in this blog. And if you would like to read my winning entry, click

How My Most Embarrassing Moment Won Me a Prize

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Imagination, Creativity, Weirdest Dream EVER & More

Theresa was my mom's best friend. You can see what a good friend she was, because of my name. Theresa taught me that my birth mark was a grape stain. OK, not really, but read about what I'd like to do to the mark that has bothered me since I first discovered it.
Creative Tattoos Using a Birth Mark

Kaden  and Zac are siblings. Audrey and Nolan are siblings. Kaden and Audrey are both 5, while Nolan is 3 and Zac won't be 3 until November.  In this little video, where the kids were instructed to PLAY, Kaden decides he must protect his cousin, Audrey, from his ferocious brother, Zac.
What Happens When Cousins Protects Cousins From Little Brothers

I really wish I could tell you who this next blog is about, but I would be thrown down a mountain if I did.
Climbing Mt. Everest

This blog is a memory about my curious and industrious daughter, Keeley, when she was a little girl.
A Curious and Industrious Child

We've all had them, dreams about actors, or talk show hosts, or dead presidents. No? Maybe not, but dreaming about anybody and anything a little out of the ordinary qualifies as a weird dream.
Weird Dreams, Success, and Prophecy

When Dr. Phil talks about getting HIMSELF getting divorced, something really IS weird, especially when the dreamer, who doesn't know Dr. Phil, becomes so emotionally charged about the impending divorce.
Dr. Phil Dream of Divorce

This next weird dream says it all. I won't even explain further.
The Penis Nose – The Weirdest of ALL Weird Dreams (So Far)

I wonder if lots of people have had nightmares about Freddy Krueger.
Freddy Krueger Visits A Dreamer

In case you didn't get my urgent request to send your weird dreams to Your Weird Dreams, read this blog to find out how to send your weird dreams to Your Weird Dreams. (Did I say your weird dreams enough?)
NEEDED: Your Weird Dreams

Creativity is one of my favorite activities and words. Kids are naturally creative. Do we snuff it out or do we nurture it? Here's one way to nurture your child's creativity.
Nurturing Creativity in Children

I think we all strive to be a successful parent, but one mother-daughter team decided to pull all aspects of being successful into their new web site. Worth looking into if you're a parent who wants to be successful in raising successful children.
Are You A Successful Parent?

I also featured the mother-daughter duo in this blog:
Parent Successfully

If YOU blog, you'll want to read about this lady who, like the mother-daughter team above, is very helpful to anyone who writes.

And, if you blog, you will want to check out this new online writing tool, especially if you don't have some of the higher-end word processing programs.
My Favorite NEW Online Writing Tool

You all know how much I love my grandchildren. Sometimes though, they do things I don't love, like trashing important notes in my iPhone that I can't retrieve. This blog talks about the frustration I experienced as I searched online to find a way to retrieve one important trashed note.
Run, Script, Run!

Oh, the controversy of it all, reincarnation in the Bible? It's OK at the movies, but really, this topic engenders lots of heated debate.
Reincarnation in the Bible and at the Movies

I don't know why I didn't hear about this one before: I believe in a LOT of weird, unexplainable happenings. But when I heard about THIS weird happening, I had to explore it and write about it.
Giovanna, an Italian Woman Impregnated by Aliens

This article recounts a day in my life when I saw from afar one hot August day in the 1960s my teenage loves, the Beatles – exhilarating! Oh, who am I kidding? I still love them.
Commemorating John Lennon's 70th Birthday, October 9, 2010 – The Day John Lennon Waved at Me

Imagination is one of my other favorite words and I use it always, especially when I play the imagination game with my grandchildren, or even alone, when I'm writing.
Imagination and Monsters: How to Teach Children the Wonders of Imagination – An Imagination Game

As back to school approaches, I couldn't help but remember my grammar school days and one nun in particular who haunted me throughout my years at that school.
Back to School WARNING -- Beware of Scary Nuns

For some reason (smile; wink) this next article gave me more page views in a day than some of my others have given me EVER –
How to Make LOTS of Money

Occasionally, Associated Content will email contributors to let them know about assignments they can take. In order to grab these assignments, you have to be sitting at your computer and watch them the moment they become available. Most of the time, by the time I try to "claim" these assignments, they have already been snatched up by other contributors. On one particular day, though, for the first time ever, I was able to grab FOUR in a row. Here they are:

Ingredients to Avoid for an Allergic Baby

How Often Should I Change My Newborn's Diaper?

5 Signs that Your Newborn Has Gas

Why Swaddle a Newborn Baby?

That's it. For now. See you next blog.

Friday, August 6, 2010

My Favorite NEW Online Writing Tool

Anything that makes my life easier is worth using. I especially love free online tools that help me write.

Just recently I discovered the Word Count Tool. Whether I'm writing assignments for Associated Content or articles for Xomba, I sometimes have to make sure the number of words I'm writing closely match the number of words I am supposed to be writing.

I honestly don't know why I bother, though, because I'm really anal about adhering to guidelines. I always write far more than I am supposed to write (I think my mother often referred to that problem as diarrhea of the mouth - hmm, anal and diarrhea - maybe there's a correlation), but I like to know how close I am to the actual word count just in case, in the off-chance I actually under-write, I meet the required number of words.

Yes, I have Microsoft Word, but I often use the TextEdit program that came with my Mac. TextEdit doesn't have a word count tool (that I know of – I have searched for it but have been unable to find it), so one quick search online brought me to the Word Count Tool.

All I have to do is copy my text from TextEdit, paste it into the Word Count Tool, click SUBMIT, and an automatic word count shows up. It's FREE, it's FAST, and I don't have to watch a bunch of ads or listen to audio ads or watch videos to use it.

Click any of the links and they will take you to a quick, easy tool that counts the words in your project.

ALSO – PLEASE NOTE: I am looking for YOUR WEIRD DREAMS for another blog I write, entitled quite aptly, YOUR WEIRD DREAMS. Click any of the dream links and they will take you to the blog. Please submit any weird dreams you have had (I don't care if they occurred when you were children – if you remember them and want to share them, I want to hear about YOUR WEIRD DREAMS) to (NOTE: – not



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