Monday, August 30, 2010


I did it! I entered a contest and I won!

Which contest, you ask? The most recent Xomba (site is no longer live) contest. Of the three prizes I could have one, I won the one I wanted to win (lots of wa wa wa sounds in that sentence).

First place was a Garmin GPS system (I already have one, so I didn't want first place).

Third place was an iPod (I've made it this far in my life without one – why start now).

But second place was a Kindle and I wanted to win the Kindle, so I did. YAY, ME!

I texted my kids and grandkids to tell them the exciting news. And do you know what most of them said? "What's a Kindle."

So this blog is for them. A Kindle is a wireless book reading device. It lights up so you can read at night. You can load it with books. You never have to turn any pages or lose your place, and it comes with many classic books already loaded.

I keep winning contests at Xomba and I LOVE IT!

If you would like to write for Xomba, click any of the Xomba links in this blog. And if you would like to read my winning entry, click

How My Most Embarrassing Moment Won Me a Prize




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