Friday, August 6, 2010

My Favorite NEW Online Writing Tool

Anything that makes my life easier is worth using. I especially love free online tools that help me write.

Just recently I discovered the Word Count Tool. Whether I'm writing assignments for Associated Content or articles for Xomba, I sometimes have to make sure the number of words I'm writing closely match the number of words I am supposed to be writing.

I honestly don't know why I bother, though, because I'm really anal about adhering to guidelines. I always write far more than I am supposed to write (I think my mother often referred to that problem as diarrhea of the mouth - hmm, anal and diarrhea - maybe there's a correlation), but I like to know how close I am to the actual word count just in case, in the off-chance I actually under-write, I meet the required number of words.

Yes, I have Microsoft Word, but I often use the TextEdit program that came with my Mac. TextEdit doesn't have a word count tool (that I know of – I have searched for it but have been unable to find it), so one quick search online brought me to the Word Count Tool.

All I have to do is copy my text from TextEdit, paste it into the Word Count Tool, click SUBMIT, and an automatic word count shows up. It's FREE, it's FAST, and I don't have to watch a bunch of ads or listen to audio ads or watch videos to use it.

Click any of the links and they will take you to a quick, easy tool that counts the words in your project.

ALSO – PLEASE NOTE: I am looking for YOUR WEIRD DREAMS for another blog I write, entitled quite aptly, YOUR WEIRD DREAMS. Click any of the dream links and they will take you to the blog. Please submit any weird dreams you have had (I don't care if they occurred when you were children – if you remember them and want to share them, I want to hear about YOUR WEIRD DREAMS) to (NOTE: – not


  1. I have weird dreams that take hours to recount because of unending detail . . . I'll see if I can find a short one.

    Lindy Lou

  2. I paste my articles from notepad, but always compose in Word first and use the word count feature there.




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