Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Blog And Article Update September 2010

Thank you for clicking the link in the email that brought you this far, or if you received no email and you just happened to find this blog, thank you too. You have no idea how grateful I am to you for reading this blog.

What's weird about the posts below is that when I look back at what I've written, I surprise myself by the number of entries I've posted. I always think I'm interrupting myself to write, or taking time away from my grandchildren when I sneak onto the computer to jot down a memory or a conversation or a thought to include in an upcoming blog or article, so I'm happy to see that since the last time I posted this blog, I've written as much as I have.

Take a break from your busy day and enjoy.

One more thing before I get into the blogs and articles – the day before yesterday I found out I have only one more chemo treatment to go, so if you missed my entry on facebook, now you know too. And for all of you who commented on that post and for all of the people who have been praying for me this past year, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

And now for the posts (just click the links and return to this blog for the rest):

In one of my blogs, Your Blog Connection, I promote other blogs. Here are two blogs I recently wrote:

If you write and if you have a blog, you'll want to visit BlogTide to help you promote your own work and to help yourself to back links.
It's A Tidal Wave – I Mean a BlogTide

Most people are trying to save money these days. This blog will help you by providing coupons, budgeting tips, and lots more.
Your Home On A Budget

Too many children these days are living in single parent homes, and they miss their noncustodial parent. Here's one way to help those children.
Helping Children Deal With the Loss of a Parent

Have you ever had a lucid dream, a dream you had while sleeping but one in which you were fully aware that you were dreaming? Here's an example of one.
A Lucid Dream With Adam Goldberg or Greg Giraldo – I'm Not Sure

Another phenomenon of dreaming is recurring dreams. The situation may change, the people may change, but the essence of the dream remains the same and occurs at intervals throughout your life.

Horror films, horror books, and anything "horror" appears on this site, and it happens to be an offshoot of a site in which I am already a member.
The Horror Channel @ Xomba

Here are some handy little tips for you (from a recent trip when I visited Keeley) when you want to know
Where to Take Grandma When She Visits

Getting kids to clean up is a challenging job.
Clean Up Time With Nolan is no different.

You find crayons on the wall, footprints in the pantry, and when you ask, "Who did this?" you're met with
Not ME!

I'll be the first to admit I have a problem with peacocks and penguins, so I can't help but ask the question,
Why Why WHY Do I Keep Saying This?

Can you cure nightmares with lucid dreaming? Some people think so.
Nightmares and Night Terrors Cured With Lucid Dreaming?

I referenced this one in a blog above, but it's such a worthy cause, it's worth reading this one too.
Hug a Hero Dolls for Kids Who Miss Mommy or Daddy

I suffer from this annoying malady, so one night during a bout of it, I wrote

The final article is self explanatory.
Stupid Things You (Unknowingly) Do to Yourself

Oops! One more was just posted today (I received an upfront payment for this one – YAY!)
Socializing, Peer Pressure, and Bullying: At Lunch, on the Bus, During Recess

That's it. For now. See you next blog.

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