Friday, September 10, 2010

Driven To Distraction and Updated Links

I am a writer who is constantly bombarded with images, thoughts, and ideas. But I am also easily distracted, so if I focus on one idea, another will butt its way forward vying for attention.

Sometimes I am distracted by my distractions so I found the perfect book for myself, Driven to Distraction. I started reading it. And then I forgot I had it. What kind of book is that for people like myself who are distracted so much they can't even finish a book that teaches them how to help themselves with distraction?


Here are my blog and article updates:

Dream Snippets – The End – Is It Coming After All?
We sometimes experience only portions of dreams, then awaken before the dream has ended. The word "ending" plays a significant role in this dream snippet.

I Crap Myself
Sometimes what kids say are NOT what they mean to say.

Ah! Finally! A Day For Myself!
Or so I thought.

How to Remove a Mouse From a Sticky Mouse Trap
If you've ever had a problem with mice, you'll want to read this very helpful (my nose just grew about four inches) blog about how to remove a mouse from a sticky mouse trap.

Love and a Marriage Proposal
I'm not even in a relationship and my 5-year-old granddaughter is getting marriage proposals!

Her First Kiss
And it starts like this.

Bored? Sad? Have I Got News For You!
Inspired by some Facebook comments made by a couple of my grandchildren, I found something I thought they might enjoy.

Our Relatives
You might be surprised to find out who my Uncle Jack said were our relatives.

Just Down The Road Right Around The Corner
Some of my family members have a problem understanding the difference between an inch and a mile.

We're Gonna See Penguins?
OK, doesn't everybody call peacocks penguins?

Every Day Crochet
I found a site to promote that is FILLED with creative crochet ideas.

Story of the Goldfish
I sometimes wonder how kids come up with some of the things they say. Here's something Lindsey said when she was younger (it later helped me through my divorce).

Sibling Rivalry: The Lion and The Elephant
It doesn't matter how far apart in age your children are. Sibling rivalry happens even when kids are a decade apart.

Transitions For Children Who Travel Between Two Homes
Divorced children suffer from the divorce and the aftermath of the divorce when they are shuffled between two homes. I link to an article her that helps parents smoothly transition their children from one home to the other.

OOPS! Almost forgot the articles:

Socializing, Peer Pressure, and Bullying: At Lunch, on the Bus, During Recess

Mystery of the Roadway

Best School Lunches and Snacks to Pack and Prepare
What's nice about two of those articles is that I got upfront payments for them (totaling less than $10, but still).

My One Year Anniversary With Xomba

Monsters in Modern Times

That's it. For now. See you next blog.

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