Saturday, September 11, 2010

I Wrote a Book

Nine years have passed since I published the book, Mud Puzzles: Vengeance With a Fury. I never promoted it, because in these past nine years I have learned a lot about writing, and I was embarrassed to admit that I had written the book.

I started writing Mud Puzzles in the late 1970s. Though I changed it dramatically, the initial manuscript would have made even a forensic profiler cringe. The book was very graphic. Even in its current toned-down version, Mud Puzzles makes any man who reads it cringe and wonder if I'm psychotic. I'm not. I just despise people in positions of authority who manipulate, degrade, and humiliate others. I also despise people who molest and rape. So I wrote it because I wanted to answer the question, what if a woman who had been raped hunted down her rapist and went on the attack? That's when I came up with the idea for Mud Puzzles.

Here is the product description: What happens when the rapist becomes a victim, when morals and values become muddied, when vigilantism just might be the most exacting form of revenge?

When I wrote the book, I had been reading all of the writing magazines that talked about including "details," so I included extraneous material that I would probably take out today, like what the protagonist was wearing, but the essence of the book was about vengeance, and I didn't want to be responsible for enticing anybody to create the invention I designed in this book, so I never promoted it.

Since I wrote this book, I see a proliferation of rape and violent crimes and I grit my teeth and slam invisible daggers into the eyes of the perpetrators. I am not an advocate for vigilantism, but I think any woman who had been raped or molested might live vicariously through the protagonist in this book without actually committing any crimes. And so I have decided, after all this time, to mention it. I have posted a link to it in this blog.

A funny aside: Amazon attributes the "authors" of this book to me and to Kahlil Gibran. I quoted him in the book and now suddenly we're sharing authorship. I guess if I had to choose a partner, Kahlil Gibran would be a great choice.

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