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Frightening Dreams, FUNNY Link, The Itsy Bitsy Baby, & Where The Wild Things Really Are

BABY UPDATE! My newest great grandson, Colin,
with his mommy, my oldest granddaughter, Amanda.
It's article and blog update time again.

What's different about this blog group is that I actually got PAID to write some of these blogs (from a blogging site to which I've been a member for probably two years – NOW they're contacting me to blog for them. I guess I needed to build up a readership, so thank you for being part of that readership).

Please check out the articles and blogs below. If any of them interest you, please click the links and read. If you would prefer to go to the blog headings (listed in red), just click them and scroll down. But if you would prefer to read them individually, the links provided below will take you to the actual blog or article. Some titles are self-explanatory.

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5 Reasons Why Nobody Reads Your Blog

The Importance of Wording: Misplaced Modifiers and Missing Words

WARNING: The following article is REALLY LONG! In Response to President Barack Obama's Request for Educational Innovation: School Restructuring Could Improve Student Learning in Our Race to the Top

Charlie Sheen and Kendra, the Kardashians and the IPad 2 – my most ridiculous and frivolous article ever. I guess I felt I needed something lighthearted after the one prior to this one. It was my attempt to garner NUMEROUS page views. I got only a couple of hundred. Apparently you need to grab the Google Alerts at exactly the moment they appear.


Ghosts in The White House

Spectrophilia – Ghostly Encounters of the Sexual Kind
Screenwriting Resources For Screenwriters

Ghosts or Spirits – What's the Difference?


Applying For a Casino Job Yes, I actually did apply for one once.

We Are All Orgasms (Did I really write this one?)

The Day I Became A Celebrity (It helps to have a warped sense of reality.)

What Did I Do Wrong, GOOGLE? (This blog was written when I discovered all of my other blogs were missing.)

Another Publisher’s Clearing House Winner!

My Heart Blogs To You

My grandchildren are really phenomenal. I know, that's what everybody says about their kids and grandkids. But how many of you can say that your kid knows how to poop out stars? Nya nya nya nya nya nya. Mine can. Read Pooping Stars.

Life growing up was a mystery. Find out what happened when we went In Search of The Itsy Bitsy Baby.

I got PAID to write this one: Home Sweet Home – Where Is Mine?

This mall vendor would have gotten the surprise of his life after he shouted, "Hey, Ladies Have I Got Something To Show You" if we had done what we talked about AFTER we left him.

Poor Nolan thought his mommy was going to give their unborn baby to somebody else. Amanda would have been surprised, too. Read She's Having His Baby.

I Know Where The Wild Things Are, and had you been with me that day, you would have seen them too.

The Home With No Stains – really? Yes! AND I got paid to write this blog!

Yes, I'm actually getting PAID to write blogs! Here's another one: Life Insurance Protection and Cancer.

Read about Another Simple Misunderstanding – this time from my grandson, Jeremy.

Audrey and Nolan Name their New Baby Find out what they want to call the baby if the baby is a boy.

My grandson, Zac, is a Scorpio. Scorpios are supposed to be stubborn. You tell me what you think after you read, My Stubborn Grandson.

Your Blog Connection

I like to showcase other blogs or web sites in this blog. Sometimes people contact me (you are invited to send me yours) and ask me to showcase their blogs. Here are three blogs about other blogs/web sites:

Let Her Entertain You

Funniest Area Blog

Calling All Screenwriters!

Writer of Blogs

Blog Gone It! Help To Find Your Missing Blog
When I lost all of my blogs, I had to find out how to retrieve them. This blog is a KEEPER, because I may have to revisit it someday if Google (or my Aunt Patty) deletes them all again.

Ever Considered Screenwriting? This Blog is a Must Read!

Help for Single Parents

Sometimes I get emails from my mother – wait – I ALWAYS get emails from my mothers, most of which are forwards. As her daughter, I feel obligated to read all of them. Every once in a while, she sends one that I'm glad I read. This is one of those emails. The Teacher Who Inspired

Funny Kid Stories

What Do You Do In Your "Spare Time"? Here's what I do in mine.

Pay Attention To Special Moments Like The Sweet Love of a Little Girl for Her Daddy

Another paid-to-write blog – Nursing Scrubs For My Nursing Buds

And another paid-to-write blog – Spring Clean With The Steam Team.

As an asthmatic I felt I knew How To Help Your Child Deal With An Asthma Attack

Believe it or not, here is another paid-to-write blog Are You At Risk For Identity Theft? Here's Valuable Identity Theft Protection Information. All of a sudden I'm getting asked to write blogs for a company I signed up with TWO YEARS AGO! Granted $6-8 per blog isn't much, but if they keep coming, I'll be very happy. A couple of them were for $20, meaning I made a grand total of $50 this month, more than I made the entire two years I've been with them.

Your Weird Dreams

When You Wake Up Crying From a Haunting Dream

When You Dream The Same Dream As Somebody Else
This story is really creepy.

Some of the best inventions have arisen from dreams. How to Save Gas from the Mind of a Three Year Old

Paranormal Minds

Awakenings (sometimes the Universe is trying to reach out to you through your dreams – then again, sometimes it isn't).

Would love to know how common Shared Dreams are. If you know of anyone who has shared a dream with another person, please contact me at

Would Visual Hallucinations Explain Ghostly Apparitions?

Product Favorites

Bose Knows Music
Some day I WILL have a Bose.

Microsherpa Throw – The Softest Throw Ever
I cannot sleep without my new blanket.

This show has quickly become one of my favorites and I don't think it has anything to do with the fact that one of the contestants is one of my son's best friends: Top Shots on The History Channel Season Premier Tuesday, February 8th.

LOL FUNNY! FUNNY! FUNNY! Not much outside of my family makes me laugh out loud anymore, but the link in this blog is worth checking out. If you've ever texted and made a mistake, you will completely understand. Auto Correct Mode Makes For Funny Smart Phones Text Messages  

Cancer, Hair Loss, and Aussie

Thanks to Lindsey for my memory of the nightmare I lived through before watching and writing about Infested.

And thank you all for reading any of these blogs.

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