Monday, March 28, 2011

Perfecting my packing skills

 Guest post written by Daniel Hyatt

I've had to move for my job several different times, but I've been reassured that this time they won't move me again. So I bought a house in the area. I know it's a gamble knowing the history, but I want my family to have a place to really call and feel at home in.

We're basically experts at moving by now, but we're also going to be moving into an area where we actually have choices as to what company and plan we can have for our energy provider. I've done a lot of research online about that and I actually came across the site and got a lot of information from that. After I read through most of it, I signed up for an energy provider that I think is going to work out really well for us.

We've accumulated so many packing tips over the years that I think we could even write our own book on the subject! Hopefully we won't have to worry about moving again though because I want to actually feel settled in our new home.

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