Wednesday, April 20, 2011

2 Great Links from 2 Great Writers

I have two GREAT links to offer writers today – one from Donna Cavanagh – the other from Marie Anne St. Jean.

Humor Outcasts

The first one is for humor writers who may have been ejected from different writing sites for various reasons. Comedy writing isn't for everyone, and as comedy writers know, even though comedy writing looks easy, writing comedy is one of the most difficult of all genres to write. And now you have a venue in which to showcase your comedic talents – Humor Outcasts.

Are you one of those writers who can make people laugh? If you have a talent for comedy writing, I invite you to visit Donna Cavanagh's Humor Outcasts site. And if you would like to read my showcase article about Humor Outcasts, please click THIS BLOG.

Write, Wrong or Indifferent

The second site I would like to direct you to is Marie Anne St. Jean's site, Write, Wrong or Indifferent. In particular I'd like you to read her latest entry, Practice Your HTML With Practiceboard.

If, like me, you visit sites that include HTML codes to use in your blogs and articles with directions that say, "just change it," you may be as confused as I am about how to incorporate HTML coding into your blog or article. Hearing "just change it," tells you absolutely nothing.

With the link Marie Ann provides in her blog, though, you can see how the changes you make will actually work. Click Practice Your HTML With Practiceboard or just visit her site at Write, Wrong or Indifferent.

If you would like to read more from this author, please see the sidebar and THANK YOU for visiting!


  1. These are indeed two excellent writers Theresa. Nicely done.

  2. Thanks for the great tips. I am following you in Blog




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