Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A-Z Challenge Bloggers – Fantastic Networking Opportunity

I know you're all busy blogging for your A-Z Challenge this month, but I wanted to let you know where you can post your blogs so that even more people will find you.

Before I tell you where to post your blog, though, I have to tell you how to post your blog. And here is the process:

1) If you don't already have one, get a Twitter account, because you'll want to post your blog with the people who run the A-Z Challenge.

2) Copy the url of the blog you want to post.

3) Go to http://bit.ly/ to shorten the name of your blog (Twitter allows only 140 characters).

4) Copy the shortened link.

5) Under "What's Happening" on your Twitter home page, type what appears between the quotation marks – "#atozchallenge".

6) Follow #atozchallenge with the name of your blog, a short description of your blog, or a great hook.

7) Paste the link from bit.ly onto your Twitter home page immediately following your blog name, blog description, or hook.

8) Press Tweet.

Don't just post your blog. You know how much you appreciate people reading your blog and leaving comments – read blogs posted by others and leave comments for them. Be a good blog buddy ;)

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  1. So basically, tweet using a hashtag, right?

  2. I've been letting Network Blogs auto-post to Twitter--no hashtag love.

  3. great tip! I have been using the hash tag but hadn't had a chance to get over there to follow it too.




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