Monday, May 30, 2011

The Success of a Triumphant Writer

The discovery of someone reading what I have written is an unexpected and wondrous gift. Theresa Wiza

The secret of success is sincerity. Once you can fake that you've got it made.
Jean Giraudoux (1882 - 1944)

I may have been around 11-years-old when my eyes settled upon the unwrapped Christmas present that sat among all the other wrapped presents beneath our tree. It was a typewriter (yes, I'm that old).

That magical gift represented my destiny,  a destiny that included success, and I felt an immediate and profound connection with that typewriter.

With beaming eyes, I wasted no time typing story after story after story after story – until the ribbon ran dry. And when I discovered that my parents never had the time or the desire to replace the ribbon, I learned how to rewind it, so I could use that same ribbon again and again and again. 

Shopping for school supplies was exhilarating for me too. Pens, pencils, crayons, paper, notebooks all gave me a sense of pleasure as I smelled them and touched them, and then glimmered at the thought of what I could create with them.

Creativity has always been one of my favorite words, and I knew my success lay hidden within it, waiting for me to unravel its surprises.

But I knew nothing about how to break into the writing field, as you would discover if you read, Expectations of a Writing Career (a previous blog where I explain the merry-go-round ride of an amateur writer attempting to shatter the barriers that prevent writers – who just wanted to write for a living – from becoming successful writers).

Though writing never paid my bills, I continued to pen my thoughts and my stories, and I gathered my research as I awaited the day somebody somewhere might find within my words a treasure of sorts. In my dreams, when I looked upon the faces of my readers, faces that mirrored my happiness and joy, I would feel like the successful writer I knew myself to be. Their comments would assure me that I was offering them something they enjoyed reading.

Writing for a living has been a struggle though. I would like to say that I felt successful when the number of page views in my Associated Content from Yahoo articles exceeded the 100,000 mark, but I didn't. I would like to say I felt successful when the first person who read one of my blogs "followed" it, but I didn't.

I think I, like other writers, have set up a standard for myself that I aspire to meet, a standard that says, once you get "here," you will be successful.

But in order to get "here," I have to know how to recognize where "here" is, and I have to know how I define success. What happens if success slaps me in the face and I don't recognize it? What if I am already successful, but the world doesn't know it yet?

My mind wanders to a screenplay I am currently writing with a partner. I met her online and her personality fit in really well with the characters in the screenplay. I just knew she could whip it into shape and that together we would make a great team. What if that screenplay is already a success but neither she nor I know it yet?

Does that mean I'm NOT a success – yet? Or does it mean that I AM a success, but that I just don't realize it – yet?

That word – yet – holds a lot of promise.

I have always wanted to write for a living. To me, writing for a living has always meant "success." But in my dream of success, I am sitting on a screened-in porch, laptop in hand, looking out occasionally across the lake that stretches before me, finding inspiration in the undulating waters and the light breezes that rustle through the trees and through my hair. I watch my fingers fly rapidly over the keyboard as I create masterpieces with my mind.

THAT is my vision of success. THAT is my measure of success – living on a lake, writing from my laptop, making a living from writing.

Fake It Till You Make It. Those words, used by AA and Alanon, just occurred to me. AA and Alanon claim those words work. I think I'll give it a shot. Today, for this blog, I am pretending to be a success. Today I will fake being a success until I make it as a success. And I will dream of living on a lake and visualizing the scenery that is playing out in my head.

The gentle waves of the lake fuel my imagination. Soft breezes blow across my face. My fingers caress the keys on my laptop.

I can see success! I can feel it. I will triumph!

I am a success.

I am a success.

I am a success.

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  1. Sounds like you are a success just waiting to be discovered. Your success is evident, time and divine providence will broaden your platform.
    Be Blessed!

  2. I think you are probably more of a success than you realize...even by how you define it. Great post, Cheers, Jenn.

  3. I wanted to write for a living also and like you I wrote about this subject for this week's theme. My major in college was Advertising/Journalism and after college I was a reporter/photographer and a copywriter. I learned quickly that not only were these jobs dog eat dog, but they were not as fulfilling as I had hoped that they would be.

    I still love to write and have secret dreams that someday I'll be a published author of a book! LOL! I laugh, but who knows? Maybe...

    Great blog!

  4. I got a typewriter one Christmas, too! Oh man, I was thrilled! And to this day, just the smell of the back-to-school aisle at the store makes me happy.

    I loved this whole thing, and especially this: "What if I am already successful, but the world doesn't know it yet?" :O)

  5. I just read your post as have these others who left comments, so that makes you a successful writer.


  6. Fake it Till You Make it really speaks to me right now. I want to put that everywhere so I can see it and be reminded of it often.

    Thank you for posting this.

  7. 'Pens, pencils, crayons, paper, notebooks all gave me a sense of pleasure as I smelled them and touched them...' - I so relate to this. I replenished my art supplies a few days ago and got happily high on the ideas the smell of all those new pencils delivered. Excellent piece :)

  8. There is nothing better than a brand new box of crayons!!! Or markers!! Love them, but that is the artist inside me screaming to get out!! :D I loved your post and I often wonder when I will be a successful writer, will I know the difference. It sounds like you already are successful. You know exactly what you want and you are going after it full tilt. You are writing, and people are reading. Great blog!


  9. You'll get there! Just enjoy the scenery on the ride along the way. ;-)

  10. I love the early interest in writing. I loved writing as a kid, got away from it for about thirty-five years and then discovered it again.


  11. You are a success, you are a success... Theresa, I always love reading what you write!

  12. Love it! You are a success because you know what your passion is and you're following it! Rich or poor, you're living your dream. I too, as a kid, loved school supplies. I have a fetish for pens and pencil, paper...etc! How funny that you would mention that. I would spend hours on my mom's Olivetti typewriter! Thanks for walking me down memory lane!




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