Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Research on Health Issues

As a writer interested in health-related issues, I visit a number of sites, including the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Mayo Clinic. I also subscribe to The Doctors Health e-Bulletin (http://click.discountclick.com/go/click.php?tid=633006) for breakthrough information on everything from the best foods to eat to exercises that improve brain function.

Advances in medicine are made every day and because doctors today appear to be more specialized than they were when I was growing up, it helps to know as much as we can about our own bodies so that we can make informed decisions when our doctors suggest a treatment plan.

In the "old days" people used to think of their doctors as gods. Today, we know that doctors are human and that they make mistakes. Going to the doctor with a sense of why we are experiencing problems helps our doctor care for us and lets him or her know that we are making intelligent choices.

As a result of my need to know as much as I can about my own body and about the current advances being made in medicine, I use as many resources as I can. The Doctors Health e-Bulletin is a good place to start. If you want to subscribe to The Doctors Health e-Bulletin, click any of the links in this blog or in the sidebar.

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