Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Writer's Wardrobe

Today I write to you from my living room where I am still wearing my PJs and a robe – hours after I awoke. For the first time in DAYS, the temperature has dropped to a comfortable 66 degrees – which is fortunate for me considering my air conditioning went out yesterday when it was an uncomfortable 95 degrees. Today I am enjoying cool breezes wafting through my windows. Ahhh!

Though I like to feel comfortable, I should probably prepare for the possibility of somebody coming over (I am selling my home after all, and the "For Sale" sign on the front lawn has invitation written all over it). I probably should not be answering the door in my pajamas and robe. Even though I've been working for hours, wearing a robe and pajamas might make me look lazy.

As soon as I finish this blog, I will go to my room to grab my comfort clothes, my uniform, if you will. As most of you who know me know, I'm more interested in comfortable clothing than I am in fashionable clothing, especially if I'm sitting at home, because the more comfortable I am, the more productive I feel. Wearing nursing scrubs, while comfortable, looks more professional than wearing sweats all day. And, being comfortable while I work is one of my favorite perks about being a writer.

Check out the link below to find some comfortable working scrubs.

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