Monday, October 24, 2011

Mental Anguish, Physical Comfort

Over the weekend, my writing partner called to tell me that our screenplay was copyrighted. It was the first time I had heard her voice (though I had begun the screenplay years ago, the two of us had been working on this script only since last February).

Earlier this month I registered the completed script and she was supposed to copyright it, but the copyright process took a while because her computer was in the shop. Finally, though, and happily, on October 21, 2011, Edith and Ethel Go to Brown County was copyrighted. We are elated!

Our first step when the screenplay was registered and copyrighted, was to contact Jane Lynch and Joan Cusack to see if they would like to read the script. We wanted these two women, who would be hilarious in the movie, to read the script first. We haven't thought past that step though – we may enter it in contests if we don't hear from Jane and Joan within the next few weeks.

Busy all day Saturday, I decided to relax on Sunday while I worked on another screenplay, a couple of blogs, and some articles – after I figured out why my sink was leaking. I was hoping to also have time to hang the drapes that have been sitting on my bed for the past two weeks, because I couldn't figure out how to get the drill bits to fit in the drill. (Another problem solved after I brought the drill and the drill bits to the place where I bought the drill bits and learned how to install them).

NOT getting dressed yesterday would have looked lazy if anybody had dropped in, so I put on some medical scrubs and ran to the sink where, after careful examination, I found the source of the leak. You see, when my son-in-law and my daughter-in-law's sister's boyfriend (following this?) installed the sink, they tightened the "whatever-it's-called" (a bowl-type plastic attachment on the underside of the sink) too tightly. So for the past few months, it has been broken and, without my knowledge, leaking.

After researching and viewing several online article and videos, one of which was NOT how I wanted to fix my sink (the guy used some kind of foam that would have looked like I had fungus growing from under my sink), I decided the cheapest and easiest way to fix my fairly new sink is to put putty all around the whatever-it's-called. So another problem solved (once I get the putty).

When I discovered that mold had been growing where the water had been dripping, I realized the source of my illness for the past few months (I'm highly allergic to mold), so I feel good knowing I've solved THAT problem.

Thinking I had time to actually WORK yesterday, I went on to my next project. But then, as usually happens, another problem surfaced. Having crocheted a few scarves and hats I hoped to sell on eBay or etsy, I decided to take photos of them and download them onto my laptop.

iPhoto, which came with my laptop, stopped working though, and after several failed attempts – one of which was to try ImageCapture (another program that came with my MacBook Pro), and PhotoShop (importing didn't work), I discovered that the only way I could download photos from my camera was by using the Preview program, yet another program that came with my laptop.

After several hours of shutting off my computer, restarting the computer, plugging my camera in, taking my camera out, and trying different programs – Success! Preview worked!

So what it comes down to is this: I spent the whole day yesterday TRYING to accomplish my goals, but accomplished only making breakfast and lunch. Suddenly it was 7 p.m. so I closed my laptop, made myself some dinner, and turned on the television where I watched a delightful new program, "Once Upon a Time," words I used to use to begin every story when I was a child.

While I was mentally anguished for most of the day with numerous problems, at least I was physically comfortable all day solving them.

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