Saturday, December 31, 2011

Excuse Me While I Brag

What a great way to end 2011. My article, Spontaneous Human Combustion – Truth or Fiction? made the front page of Xomba in two places!

If you're a writer, you know how much that means to me. If you're not a writer, you probably can guess how much that means to me.

So I end this year on a high note. Though my asthma and other physical problems continue, my cancer is being well controlled. Though only 3 family members will be celebrating New Year's Eve with me, I know the rest of my family and friends are with me in spirit.

Happy New Year, all of you. "The world is moving to a magical place," and I hope you all will experience some of the magic.

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Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year's Resolution – Progress or Regress?

We all like to think we're progressing in life – spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally. So to chart my progress, I decided to read a blog I wrote last December. Sadly I discovered the only "progress" I made was that most of the broken things from 2010 were fixed. But now, in 2011, more items have broken and what I had hoped to accomplish I haven't.

In other words, for most of 2011:

• My Internet was still not functioning properly though it seems to be working fine now – except for the person who has hacked into my wireless router making writing a VERY SLOW PROCESS (if I knew how to make my router invisible or prevent him or her from using it I would, but I don't).

• My computer had been broken for all of 2011 and is still broken – AND my laptop broke (finally got that fixed);

* I had to replace broken bathroom and kitchen fixtures;

• I failed to meet my own expectations for writing my blogs;

• I still have trouble remembering things;

• My refrigerator finally started working well (after $$$$ repairs YAY!);

• I had to purchase a new vacuum cleaner (more $$$$);

• I had to buy a new (well 2002) car (LOTS of $$$$);

• I had to replace my leaky ceilings (LOTS more $$$$);


• I hoped to get the area under my kitchen sink repaired, but it's still broken.

So all in all, I seem to be pretty much in the same place I was when I wrote The Clone Blog.

However, my hair is growing – I now resemble a combination of Einstein and Bozo on acid – and I'm 42 months closer to ending my daily dose of chemo meds. The asthma meds will continue through to the end of my life, and despite the continued slap from the Universe knocking me down every time I try to stand up, I still hold out hope that ONE DAY, SOME DAY I will succeed in breaking through the invisible barrier that prevents me from making enough money to LIVE.

So – my New Year's Resolution is to sell a screenplay or come up with a fabulous idea that will pay me LOTS of money, have at least one of my blogs go viral, republish a book I wrote years ago, and travel to England, to Hawaii, and to Alaska. However, it's completely out of my control so I'm also praying for Divine Intervention!


Happy New Year, everybody! May you all be blessed with happiness, joy, and love!

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

No More Writing for Yahoo

Over the past several months, along with experiencing computer and Internet problems, I've been away from writing – a lot – driving back and forth to Virginia three times over the summer, caring for grandchildren every week, and performing all the necessary tasks a home owner has to perform.

As a result of having little time to write, I've written very little ;)

But I have written. Many of my blogs are paid posts, and I take care to write them so that they will sound natural and will not appear forced. Other blogs I post are memories I don't want to forget or information I want to share, but when it comes to writing articles for Yahoo, I spend a lot of time researching and writing each article, and I pay attention to all the details that go into each article. I also strive to present a professional piece of work.

Seldom do I ask for upfront payment, but on those rare occasions when I have asked for it, except for those times I thought my chances of getting it were slim, I've received it.

Until now. After spending hours researching and writing, How to Report Internet Crime: Your Email was Hacked! Report it HERE! I asked Yahoo for an upfront payment. The article is packed with helpful information and the resources I used were from the United States government. However, I received no upfront payment and Yahoo told me that I wasn't an "expert" OR that I had "no personal experience with the subject;" therefore, I would not be allowed an upfront payment, which for me generally falls in the $3-5 range.

You may be wondering why I would even comment about such a small amount. My reason for being upset has nothing to do with the money. I'm upset because the Yahoo editor obviously didn't read the material before he or she squashed it like a bug. In two separate places I discussed my personal experience with the subject matter. Maybe whoever read it didn't understand that when the author uses such terms as, "I, me, my," she is relating a personal experience. And so, for me, I will devote my time to other pursuits.

One of those pursuits is Xomba. I spend a great deal of time researching and writing those articles as well. My most recent Xomba article put me on the most recommended list (as of today).  To read that article, please click Spontaneous Human Combustion – Truth or Fiction? I may not make much money from Xomba (actually, I don't know if I get ANY money from Xomba), but at least I get recognition. At least I feel valued there.

Another place where I actually get paid to write is Blogsvertise. You write blogs for their customers and you get paid for doing so! If you want to write for them, please click below:

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Starting a Biz

Thanks for the post from Nora Mccoy

When we decided to start our business from home I had no idea it was going to become such a huge part of our lives. We happened to see online that there was a bed and breakfastfor sale in Kansas City and Mark’s parents lived there so we’d been talking for years about moving back. I can’t believe what luck it was so we bought the place and put in about 30K to make it what it is today. We of course upgraded all the rooms and got wireless internet providers Kansas City to install 4G in all the rooms and we even hired a great chef to come in and do breakfast every morning. There’s something to be said, though, for not having to answer to a boss and I think my husband would agree that now we’re happier than we’ve ever been. I love that the kids get to live so close to their grandparents and that my husband and I get to work together each and every day. It’s like a dream come true AND we’re making a living doing it!

Learning to cook

Guest post from: Mohamed Simon

I’ve been trying to learn to cook better. My husband grew up with all this wonderful food and extravagant meals and I think my cooking has been a shock for him. However, I have been studying a lot of shows on the cooking channel and I am trying to become a better cook. I have been amazed at all the different cooking shows on DIRECT TV. I was able to find a special by Paula Dean that thought me how to make the perfect banana pudding. I tried it for the first time last night and my husband was in awe. Banana pudding is his favorite dessert and he actually told me mine was better than his mom’s. That was probably the best compliment he could have given me. I am just thankful for the Food Network and the internet. Without those two things, I would still be making everything out of a box. I do have to agree that homemade is so much better than the box. I had no idea how big the difference was or that I was even capable of making something so delicious.



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