Wednesday, December 28, 2011

No More Writing for Yahoo

Over the past several months, along with experiencing computer and Internet problems, I've been away from writing – a lot – driving back and forth to Virginia three times over the summer, caring for grandchildren every week, and performing all the necessary tasks a home owner has to perform.

As a result of having little time to write, I've written very little ;)

But I have written. Many of my blogs are paid posts, and I take care to write them so that they will sound natural and will not appear forced. Other blogs I post are memories I don't want to forget or information I want to share, but when it comes to writing articles for Yahoo, I spend a lot of time researching and writing each article, and I pay attention to all the details that go into each article. I also strive to present a professional piece of work.

Seldom do I ask for upfront payment, but on those rare occasions when I have asked for it, except for those times I thought my chances of getting it were slim, I've received it.

Until now. After spending hours researching and writing, How to Report Internet Crime: Your Email was Hacked! Report it HERE! I asked Yahoo for an upfront payment. The article is packed with helpful information and the resources I used were from the United States government. However, I received no upfront payment and Yahoo told me that I wasn't an "expert" OR that I had "no personal experience with the subject;" therefore, I would not be allowed an upfront payment, which for me generally falls in the $3-5 range.

You may be wondering why I would even comment about such a small amount. My reason for being upset has nothing to do with the money. I'm upset because the Yahoo editor obviously didn't read the material before he or she squashed it like a bug. In two separate places I discussed my personal experience with the subject matter. Maybe whoever read it didn't understand that when the author uses such terms as, "I, me, my," she is relating a personal experience. And so, for me, I will devote my time to other pursuits.

One of those pursuits is Xomba. I spend a great deal of time researching and writing those articles as well. My most recent Xomba article put me on the most recommended list (as of today).  To read that article, please click Spontaneous Human Combustion – Truth or Fiction? I may not make much money from Xomba (actually, I don't know if I get ANY money from Xomba), but at least I get recognition. At least I feel valued there.

Another place where I actually get paid to write is Blogsvertise. You write blogs for their customers and you get paid for doing so! If you want to write for them, please click below:

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And if you want to read more from this author, please read any of the following:

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