Sunday, December 30, 2012

Gifts Embedded Within Emails

Life is hectic. Sometimes too hectic. One person who receives over a hundred emails a day and has to skip a day at the computer now and then (more if family visits) finds herself buried beneath an avalanche of emails.

I am that person. 

So here I am on the day after my son left my home, sifting through thousands – yes thousands – of emails going back to (shame on me) January 2012, and on 10/31/12, I find this little gem (sorry, Elizabeth – I just found it): If you click the link, I'm No. 19.

Hello Theresa

I work for, and am writing this to let you know about a list we've published recognizing the "Top 25 Reading and Writing Resources for English Buffs"

We pored through hundreds of worthy sites focused on teaching English, writing, and reading. We selected our final 25 based on factors including readership, post quality, search ranking, and site age. I'm very pleased to let you know that your site has made the final list! You can view it here:

As a site focused on being a resource for English students, many who will enter the workforce as writers and educators, we felt it was essential to highlight the best in the industry. No matter if someone is interested in teaching to non-native speakers, creative writing, or just keeping up with the best in literature, we hope they'll find this list to be useful.

Should you wish to spread the word about the list and promote your inclusion, we've created a badge for you; included both as an embed code (found below) and as a file attachment:

Congratulations, and if you have any questions for me, or need help incorporating the badge on your site please let me know!


So, Elizabeth, I apologize for not acknowledging sooner the link you provided on your web site. THANK YOU!

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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Want More Exposure for Your Blog?

Want More Exposure for Your Blog?

Connect your blog to my blog! 

If your blog is well written and interesting, tell me about it. I'll take a screen shot of your blog and post a blog about it on Your Blog Connection!

All I need to know is the URL of your blog, the reason you began your blog, how long you've been writing your blog, and what types of readers would most likely read your blog. Share a little about yourself too!

Still thinking about it? How about this – I'll post a permanent link to your blog on my blog. Check out other blog posts in Your Blog Connection. If those posts don't show up in the sidebar, they're probably paid posts – I don't post permanent links for paid posts. 

If you decide you want to link to Your Blog Connection permanently, provide the information stated in the bolded section above and send an email to

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Friday, November 30, 2012

Recent Blog Posts – from Gum Balls to Ghost Hunts

What follows are links to blogs I have posted since October 3, 2012.

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Meaningful coincidences and synchronicity make up this blog.

If you enjoy the paranormal, you may enjoy paranormal fiction. Read this interview with author, Christie Silvers.

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All Craft Connection

Your love of crochet can translate to a meaningful gift for somebody going through chemotherapy.

This beautiful yarn is tricky to use, but once you learn how to use it, you realize how simple it really is.

Your Blog Connection

PUT YOUR BLOG HERE! I will showcase your blog if you write English correctly and if I think your blog is interesting – I can be objective.

My Wordpress Blog

Romney knows how to run a business, so why not offer his expertise to Obama?

I could not believe what I was listening to on the radio from somebody who proclaimed to be a Christian.

Save money – don't have a funeral at all. Donate your body to science!

You'll laugh about this some day – if you've heard that before, make "some day" today and learn to live your life in retrospect.

The title says it all!

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

How I Increased My Adsense Revenue – How You Can Too!

Please note: While some of the material in this blog is relevant, any mention of Google Affiliate ads is not. However, parts of this blog are relevant even today, so I chose not to delete it, especially since I refer to this blog in another blog. So please ignore the Google Affiliate references, and pay attention to Adsense and Amazon Affiliates.

When I first started blogging in January of 2009 (my first blog was A Day In My Life), I knew nothing about blogging and I knew nothing about Adsense. I had crazy images of a home on the lake, a screened-in back porch that looked out over the lake, a tall glass of iced water with one slice of lemon, a laptop on my lap, and residual income accumulating in my bank.

What I later discovered was that Adsense wouldn't send a payment until my Adsense account reached $100. My first payment didn't arrive until June of 2011 – yeah, it took me two and a half years to make my first $100 – not exactly an amount anybody can live on.

Thinking I could make more money from Amazon, I signed up with them and I prayed things would turn around for me. With any luck I could actually make a living with Amazon. Things were looking good (well, except for when I got breast cancer that same year) UNTIL Amazon pulled out of Illinois because Illinois tacked on such exorbitant taxes it caused even Jimmy Johns to consider leaving the state. My hopes of cashing in on Amazon disappeared. (Illinois, under pressure from many factions, later changed its policy, and Amazon decided to stay.)

So I was back to Adsense as my only source of blogging income. 

No Longer Relevant: But then Google came up with another idea – an idea that was perfect for me, other Illinois residents, and everyone else. Like every new idea, implementing this one would take time and strategy for bloggers.

What was the idea that would help increase revenue for bloggers? Let me explain visually. If you take a look at my first blog (linked above), you will notice ads in the middle of the blog – Google Affiliate Ads (which I have since changed to Amazon Affiliate Ads – read the update below). Those types of ads were not available in January of 2009. I recently added them and resurrected the blog – something you, too, can do to generate even more income. Now look above that blog and to the side of the blog. There you will notice Adsense ads, referred to as AdChoices. 

Pay attention to the ad(s) that appear under AdChoices, and then go to a different blog of mine, one of my more popular blogs, Forensic Babies. Notice the difference. AdChoices ads are not the same from blog to blog. Google places relevant ads according to what you've written in your blog. (Amazon Affiliates allow you to choose your own ads.

You never know in advance what Google ads will appear in your blog, but even if what Google places doesn't seem relevant, the ad itself can generate income if people purchase the products listed there. 

CHANGED: If, like me, you were never successful at making money from Adsense, you might find more success with Amazon Affiliate Ads because you can choose which ads will appear in your blog. When people purchase products they find in your blog, Amazon places money in your Adsense account.

Finding relevant ads might be difficult at first, but keeping the theme of your blog in mind when you choose your ads will help. Depending on the length of your blog, place ads only after every three or so paragraphs. Any more and your blog will look as if the only purpose for it being there is to generate money. Provide interesting content that your readers will enjoy reading. If you fill it with only a bunch of ads, you'll lose readers.

After you place Amazon Affiliate ads, you'll probably notice an improvement in your Adsense account (I did), because when people buy the products you've placed in your blog, you get a percentage of the sale.

To be honest, I don't blog very often even though I write numerous blogs (see the sidebar). I'm sure that if I spent more time blogging I would see an even better increase in my Adsense account. Right now, though, I'm crocheting hats for grandchildren and cancer patients, and I'm spending time caring for my grandchildren. 

But I'm not here to discuss my other ventures. I'm here to discuss how YOU can make more money from your blogs.

If you don't already know how to add Adsense to your blog, or if you don't already have a blog and you want to monetize (make money from) your blog with Adsense, get a Google Blog (

Once you have a blog, go to Layout.

Then go to Add a Gadget.

When the new window pops up, scroll down to Adsense.

Follow the instructions from there.

To improve your chances of increasing revenue, find relevant ads (specific ads that relate to your blog topic). If you cannot find ads that relate to one particular blog, find ads relevant to your blog theme. One of my blogs, Help for Single Parents, includes ads that concern children, parents, and grandparents. In other words, I don't find ads that relate just to single parents.

Can't think of a topic that's product-related? Consider writing about upcoming holidays, and include holiday-specific ads. At various times throughout the year, certain events arise, like the beginning of school when children need school supplies. People celebrate birthdays all year round. Gifts for every type of circumstance can find their way into your blog. Think of what you might want to purchase. Amazon offers all kinds of items. What else do you think is "hot" right now? How about a Nintendo 3DS? Plug it in! Like this:

Check your Adsense account before you set up Amazon Affiliate ads. Check your Adsense account every day for a couple of weeks. Then set up your Amazon Affiliate account. Wait a couple more weeks. Check your Adsense account to see if you've increased your sales. It worked for me. Good luck!

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Monday, October 1, 2012

My Brain – On Internet

Let me explain something to you, Internet. You confuse me. First you had me get my own email address and you forced me to join MySpace, where I had to change my password – twice – because I got phished. Simple enough. But then you wanted me to join FaceBook and Twitter. OK, I can handle that.
But because I was (still am) a writer who needs to express myself, I needed more from you. You graciously referred me to Associated Content, or was that Google who referred me? Maybe I'm really upset with Google. But, anyway, AC changed – a LOT – including its name, and now I have to call it Yahoo Voices.
(Great! – One more piece of invaluable information to add to my brain.)
Because I found it exceedingly difficult to live on $3.60 a month from Yahoo, I joined Blogsvertise and Xomba too. But that wasn't enough for you, was it, you greedy gigantic monolith! 
No, it wasn't. I kept getting recommendations to sign up for this site, then sign up for that site, then this site, then that site. And I started collecting passwords, passwords I could never in a kajillion years remember.

I got inundated with requests to join sites like LinkedIn and GoodReads (I haven't even uploaded any books there yet) and other sites I haven't been able to figure out, like Klout. Then I joined Pinterest. 
I'm suffering, Internet. I can't contain all these passwords in one head!!!!! I'm having a hard enough time keeping up with all the blogs I write on Blogger and Wordpress, and I'm still getting requests to join this site and that site and this site and that site. I even have requests to join families I've never met and join high school reunions from high schools I never attended.
People I've never met want to join my family. How many family tree sites do you have anyway? And why can't we just combine all of them into one big happy family. We're all related anyway, right?
With precarious Internet connections, staying online is difficult if not downright impossible sometimes, but when I finally get back online, everybody keeps asking me to PLAY GAMES with them – where I need more passwords! How many passwords can a person remember? And, really, games? How will I ever find time to play games?
In addition to all of those Internet problems, I pay bills online, but do you know what happens every time I go to my email account? Yahoo Messenger loads people I've never met who want to converse with me! 

Tell them I'M BUSY! I know you know I'm busy, because you seem to know everything else about me. It's bad enough I get interrupted all day long by people I know. Now I'm getting interrupted by strangers! If I went to the post office to drop off my bills, strangers wouldn't approach me to ask me if I wanted to be their friends.
If I paid my bills in person, nobody would rush up to me and demand I have a conversation with them. But these people just pop up on my email page and expect to converse with me. Why? 
Here's what I want to know, Internet – What is your agenda? 
I get friend requests on FaceBook from people who have no affiliation with any of my other friends. How did they find me? WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? 
Seriously, I want to know, but frankly, I'm afraid to ask. Because maybe they belong to one of the multitudinous sites I belong to. But maybe I can't remember who they are, BECAUSE WHAT'S TAKING UP ROOM IN MY HEAD IS THE STORAGE OF SO MANY PASSWORDS THAT I HAVE NO ROOM FOR ANYTHING ELSE! 

I'll be honest, Internet, these people scare me. I watch NCIS and Criminal Minds, and I know what happens if people become irate with others for not remembering them. These cyberstalkers could track me down and kill me. They're probably predators – you know – the kind of people who will try to sell me products I don't need or who want to talk me into joining cults I don't want to join.
Seriously, Internet, you see me slave away at my writing. I have no time for interrupters. I want to throw a pail of water on them and scream, "BEGONE!" as I watch them shrivel into the ground crying, "What a world; what a world." 
Really, it all just boils down to one problem. I'm getting so tired of having passwords sent to me over and over and over again. I feel as if my insides are crawling with bugs. I'm agitated and annoyed. I can't keep up with all this crap. Right now I have over 17 thousand unread emails in my yahoo account and over 1400 unread emails in my google account. And that's not all – I have three more email accounts. 
The thing is, Internet, though I'd like to break up with you, I can't. I depend on you. I need you. I know – that's my problem – not yours. But can you see how you are affecting me? I'm talking to you as if you are a real person and it's making me crazy!

Calm down, I tell me. Calm down. 
OK. Now that I have had this blog sitting in my "save" file for over a week, BECAUSE I FORGOT MY PASSWORD AGAIN, I will try to post it, because – guess what? I now have a password file (hidden within another file so nobody can randomly find my passwords)! Fortunately my computer has a great "find" function, because I usually forget where that file is.
You know, one of my favorite Sunday morning Beatles radio personalities used to say, "Button, button, where is the button?" I find myself saying, "Password, password, where is the password?" But I've remedied that problem. But just so you know, I'm NOT joining any more sites! So don't even ask!
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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Who Wants a Job?

So you want to be a writer, but you need a job too, right? Having difficulty? Well, it's no wonder people are having a hard time locating a job. Have you read any of the job descriptions lately? 

Must be able to work in a fast-paced environment. Must be able to handle extreme unrelenting pressure. Must handle extreme incessant interruptions while multitasking with ease. Must have excellent written, verbal, non-verbal, multi-verbal, multilingual, analytical, and organizational skills. Must be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

If you are feeling as if you must perform in a Superman or Superwoman fashion, you are not alone. Businesses today expect job applicants to present themselves as gods and goddesses – nothing less than perfection. 

Years ago a prospective employee could walk into the personnel office anywhere, apply for a job, and get offered a job the same day. These days getting a job is a process, sometimes requiring as many as three different interviews and numerous tests. And if you walk into these jobs with masters degrees or doctorates? Forget it – you have moved beyond perfection into the Twilight Zone. Now you're "over-qualified."

Will anybody ever hire you?

Fortunately, Janet Hunt helps you through the maze of acrobatics you must perform to get a job with her ebook, Employment 101: Finding Your Way through the Job Search Maze. Click the link and you can have immediate access to the Kindle Version of this e-book. It's only 99 cents!

Good luck!

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Once upon a time, I sent greeting cards. You might think that because I'm a writer, I would enjoy sending greeting cards. I do, or more appropriately, I did, but I enjoyed writing them more than I did searching for them. Most of the greeting cards on store racks didn't say exactly what I wanted to say, so I would create my own and send them.

And then one day I forgot to send someone a greeting card.

I had committed a mortal sin!

I panicked.

After that unforgettable moment (though I can't remember which sister I forgot), how could I send another greeting card to anybody – ever? I was obviously in the early stages of dementia and who knows what else I might forget (from experience, I can tell you the answer to that question is – just about everything).

The sister who didn't get a card would surely discover my error and feel dissed if she found out I had sent one to my other sister and not to her. They would talk to each other BEHIND MY BACK and they WOULD KNOW that something was wrong with me.

They might even think that I loved one of them more than I did the other. The one who didn't get the card would spend each and every moment focusing on the card she didn't receive every waking moment of her life – for the rest of her life, I might add – and plot well-deserved vengeance against me. I would be humiliated and embarrassed. 

And scared. 

How could I ever again look her in the eyes – ever? How could I attend any family functions after making that mistake without looking through the piercing eyes of THE SISTER WHO DIDN'T GET A CARD?

In my defense for never sending another greeting card (cowardly lion suddenly popped into my head), at about the same time I stopped sending greeting cards, the cost of stamps rose. And then they rose again. And again. Seems that every time I bought a book of stamps, the price went up. Sadly, buying "Forever" stamps didn't help, because I would run out of stamps after the price went up – again.

With over 25 members in my immediate family, more than a hundred extended family members, some very special friends, birthdays, more than one holiday per year, and more holidays being created by greeting card companies as I write, I'd be averaging more than a couple of cards per week.

I blame the greeting card companies for my plight. Why can't they just create a generic annual card for people like me? One I could send once a year – whenever. Every year, once a year, or whenever I felt the urge to send a card, I could send one that says, Wishing You Happiness and Joy Every Day! 

The inside of the card could say that this card was for every special personal event the recipient could possibly celebrate throughout the year. That way, celebrations for all events would be covered and the recipient would get well wishes for every birthday, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Chanukah, Easter, and every other national or international holiday ever recorded in every possible calendar for every possible country in the entire world, including other events we celebrate, like engagements, marriages, graduations, Valentine's Day, Sweetest Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Boss's Day, Veteran's Day, Halloween, and every other holiday that greeting card companies create throughout the year.

After all, are not the greeting card companies responsible for a lot of these "holidays"? I'm expecting one day soon to hear that we now have to celebrate, "Hot Dog Day!" or "Hippie Day!" or "Hump Day" or "Happy to be Alive Day!" 

I'm all for a once-a-year fill-in-the-blank card that wishes everybody Happiness and Joy Every Day for no other reason than to just celebrate living!

On second thought, that might not work for condolence cards. The card can't exactly say, "Happiness and Joy Every Day, because at least YOU'RE still alive." How insensitive. I may have to rethink this whole once-a-year card giving idea.

In the meantime, to all my family, including my parents, sisters, children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, aunts, uncles, cousins, all my friends (including my FaceBook friends), all my neighbors, and everybody else I might have forgotten, I wish you Happiness and Joy Every Day! 

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Where's the Talent Competition for Screenwriters?

Are you beautiful? Can you act, dance, sing, or perform amazing and unusual feats? Can you WOW an audience or a judge? 

If your talent involves any of those previously mentioned categories, you can compete for a chance to win fame, fortune, scholarships, or – more importantly (at least to some people) – recognition for your talent. 

From America's Got Talent to The Olympics, from Miss World to Last Comic Standing, if you dance, sing, run, swim, act, provide comedy, perform magic, execute perfect cartwheels on high wires, or perform any of the myriad feats that appear in any of the myriad competitions available on television or online, you can compete for the chance to win BIG.

But what about those of us whose creativity lies in writing? Can we bring our laptops or even our screenplays to the stage of a competition and showcase our word acrobats? 

Of course not. Imagine walking onto the stage at America's Got Talent with your laptop in hand, ready to captivate your audience. You sit at a table and open your laptop. You being to type – s-l-o-w-l-y (creating drama). The audience members furrow their brows while the judges looking quizzically at each other. Behind you a gigantic screen shows your desktop. An announcer bellows through the microphone, "There's an 'F', followed by an 'A, D, E' – the 'I' and the 'N' are not far behind – wait for it – wait for it – and there it is!"

Even if what we wrote was the most brilliant piece of work anybody had ever seen, nobody (including other writers) would want to watch another writer type words.

But what if a competition (let's call it Act Write) allowed writers to write screenplays that actors could perform, thereby giving actors AND writers an avenue for success?

What if every week each writer was given an assignment that required him or her to write a three-minute mini-play based on a subject chosen by the competition committee? 

How might that work? Glad you asked.

Two actors would perform the mini-play before judges and audiences alike. That way actors and writers – of all ages, I might add – would be given an opportunity to compete for recognition, prizes, and the opportunity to work in Hollywood. 

But what if the actors performed poorly? Or what if the actors were great but the screenplay bombed?

The screenplay itself would be judged separately from each individual's performance. 

I know what you're going to say – screenwriters already have avenues to enter competitions. Yes they do – on paper or online – but not on screen. I should know – I just lost two of them (TVWriter™ and Scriptapalooza). Don't you think it's time WE had a television competition?   

What do you say, producers, promoters, managers, agents, or anybody else who has the ability to put a little money where my mouth is? Can you give us fledgling screenwriters an opportunity to appear in a medium that will help us break into our chosen fields? 

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Script Resource for Scriptwriters

As a subscriber to (subscribe HERE if you want to know how to write for TV), I receive notices every time somebody posts a new blog related to television writing. When Larry Brody posted a blog on his web site,™, asking for suggestions, I sent an email asking if TV Writer listed a resource that offered specific TV program scripts for prospective television writers. I also wanted to know that if TV Writer didn't offer a link to scripts, where might I find samples? 

Brody is an experienced television writer and the author of a teleplay writing book I won in a Writer's Digest contest. His book, Television Writing from the Inside Out, provides readers with valuable information from somebody who actually works in television. 

Knowing that reading good scripts is a great lesson in learning how to write a good script, I wanted to read as many scripts as possible. So when I received his email telling me about an ongoing thread on TV Writer, I was embarrassed to admit that I'd never seen that thread. Why? Because I read only his blog posts and didn't notice the all-caps COMMUNICATE title at the bottom of the sidebar that listed OUR MESSAGE BOARDS

Nor did I realize that the screenwriting program I've owned for several years offered templates for specific TV programs. OK, actually, I knew Final Draft had the templates – I just forgot about them because I didn't know where to find them. But thanks to Larry Brody and a little research, I now know the drill: Final Draft to Format to Elements to Apply a Template to (scroll down) LOTS OF TV SCRIPTS – a virtual treasure trove of them!!!!

In my defense, I have a problem with distraction, especially when somebody else incites those little synapses in my brain to explode with more ideas. Even while I read – for the second time – Television Writing from the Inside Out, I am aware that my mind wanders. The words stare out at me from the page, my eyes glide across them as I work out how I will implement his strategies, suggestions, and tips, and suddenly I'm in the middle of a page with no recollection of what I just read. 

I'm considering setting a timer for every three minutes so that I can remind myself to pay attention to what I'm reading. The incessant chattering that continually runs through my mind interrupts me constantly.  Because I didn't make even the quarter finalists in the most recent TV Writer Spec Scriptacular Competition, I am determined to read this book again with new resolve. Perhaps shock therapy might work...

In the meantime, after discovering this expansive library of television scripts and screenplays, I feel exhilarated, like Belle when the Beast offered his library to her in Disney's Beauty and the Beast. Yes, I'm clapping my hands and jumping up and down with excitement! A whole library filled with scripts, scripts, scripts! Hmm, maybe that means Larry Brody is the Beast! 

Kidding. Thank you, Larry Brody and TVWriter™ for introducing me to my future (admittedly I live in a fantasy world where my future consists of living my dreams as a television and screenplay writer – then again, my life could be just one big cosmic joke or perhaps I'm being tested on how long one human being can tolerate waiting decades and half centuries before she becomes a successful screenwriter).

I'd like to interrupt this blog to add an appropriate quote here: "This life is a test – it is only a test. Had it been an actual life, you would have received further instructions on where to go and what to do..." Jack Kornfield

And now back to the blog, but before I get to the link for all those television scripts, I want to draw your attention to a blog that makes up for the loss I incurred when I discovered I was not one of the winners in the Spec Scriptacular Competition. Curious? Click THE BLOG THAT MADE ME ONE HAPPY WRITER

And now for the finale, the pièce de résistance, the amazing list of scripts – click THIS THREAD at TVWriter™. 

OK, so I'm not good at ending things. I'd like to add that if you would like to read Brody's blog post concerning this very issue (script resources), read LB Answers: “Where Can I Find Scripts for Current Shows?”

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Yes, I lost the screenplay competitions I entered, but I don't consider myself to be a loser. I tried. 

What those competitions taught me is that I have to keep learning. I now know what I have to do to make all of them better. According to experts, one thing that will dramatically improve my screenplays is adding more conflict. Apparently I, along with numerous other non-winners, didn't include enough of it. So I have to go back and add more conflict.

In every good movie, conflict requires the protagonist to experience spasms of guilt, fear, or some other deeply emotional pain in order to become a better person or to successfully achieve what might be considered to be an impossible goal. And yes, even comedy requires those same types of conflict.

Probably the strongest example of a woman experiencing one of the most excruciating forms of conflict I've ever encountered occurs in the 1982 movie, Sophie's Choice, starring Meryl Streep, Kevin Kline, and Peter MacNicol. If you have never seen the movie, I won't relate the details, but it tugged my heart so hard that I felt it nearly rupture in my chest.

Sophie's Choice was agonizing to watch. The atrocities that occurred in Nazi concentration camps couldn't have been more aptly portrayed if Alan J. Pakula (who wrote the screenplay based on William Styron's novel, Sophie's Choice) had invented a time warp that sent the audience to live in an actual concentration camp. But it was the choice, the awful choice Sophie had to make, that was the crux of the movie, that was the most painful part of the movie to watch, that ripped my heart out of my chest, that caused me to lose my breath.

In all honesty, my screenplays don't make that connection to my audience. The funny ones are funny, and the touching ones are touching, but they fall short of connecting to anybody who doesn't know me

And therein lies the challenge. If my viewers can't completely immerse themselves into my movies, I haven't done my job as a writer.

So I'll go back and revise, revise, revise. And while I don't think I want to plunge so deeply into my audience's souls that I will create another Sophie's Choice, I want to leave viewers with a sense of joy, a sense of wonder, or at least a desire to want to see another one of my movies.

The journey from screenplay to film is a long one, but every step I take, every lesson I learn, every ounce of effort I put forth takes me one step closer to achieving my dream.

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