Tuesday, February 14, 2012

broken leg

Guest post written by my buddy Bernardo Graham

My sweet, best friend broke her leg skating. Her work had a skate night to raise money for something, and my poor friend fell and broke her leg. It was a bad break, too. She is pretty much stuck in the bed or couch for a few weeks before she can move around with crutches. I want to get her something to let her know I’m thinking of her and I think I had a great idea. I’m going in with our group of girlfriends to get her two gift cards. One for a cleaning service to come clean her entire apartment for her (once), and one for a gift card to some kind of movie channel. I’m hopingDirec4u.com has some sort of option, like HBO for a month, or something like that. That way, she won’t have to fret over not being able to keep her place clean, and she will have something to watch on television. I think that is a much more thoughtful gift than just pretty flowers or something.

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