Friday, February 17, 2012

Writer in a Calgary Lake Home

I've been to Canada only twice, but each time I was there, I was fascinated by it's pristine beauty and cleanliness. In 2007 Calgary, Alberta, Canada, was ranked as the world's cleanest city by Forbes Magazine. Located North of Montana's Glacier National Park, Calgary sits surrounded by a view some people see only in postcards. 

In the 1960s, when the Vietnam War was raging, many people escaped the draft in the United States by hiding out in Canada; many of them remain in Canada. If you've ever been to Calgary, you would know why.

Calgary rentals are numerous and they fall within several price ranges. When my screenplays sell, I plan on having at least one home with a lake view and as you can see by the photo, the view in Calgary is sensational. Also because I prefer a cooler climate, living in an area where the average July temperature is a mild 61 degrees Fahrenheit, I find Calgary very inviting. 

Please send lots of positive energy, because in October I should find out if any of my screenplays have won anything. Wouldn't you just love to be invited to my new lake home? (Hopefully Calgary International Airport will fly me directly to California to accept my award(s).  ;)

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