Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Creative Way to Find Your Stuff

Creativity sometimes means having scattered thoughts. I know. My ideas are scattered everywhere, and I'm fortunate in that I am always around a writing implement when I get them. I've written notes to myself on my hand, on numerous notebooks, on scraps of paper, on napkins, on toilet paper (difficult), and even on grocery bags and envelopes.

My problem has never been coming up with great ideas; my problem has always been losing those great ideas.

I was so happy when I realized that my iPhone came with a notes mode. I decided to use it instead of my numerous note pads to store ideas – until it stopped working one day and I couldn't retrieve any of my notes.  

After my iPhone stopped working, I thought I could rely on my laptop for holding all of my ideas together and even became adept at naming the folders something I would remember – an "idea" folder, a "screenplay" folder, a "done" folder, and various other folders to help me streamline my work – but then my laptop broke. Well, it didn't actually break, but it did stop working, and I was unable to retrieve my data for a while.

In addition to losing files, I also lose things. I've written numerous blogs about poltergeists who must come in and steal my things and now – finally – I have come up with an idea that will save me from losing any more of my belongings, allow me to see exactly where I place things, AND show me that pesky poltergeist: a home security system.

You read that correctly. I am going to get a home security system in my home and have it pointed directly at me at all times. That way, when I lose that fabulous screenplay idea I wrote, I will have a visual image of the idea. I'll even see myself writing the idea, so I can retype what I previously wrote.

Whether I lose a lens cap (an ongoing problem), a nightgown (mysterious problem), or my mind (might not work for my mind), I will have visual proof of where all of my things are located. I might even capture that poltergeist (would be funny if it turned out to be me).

If, like me, you tend to lose things and you want to keep track of where you put them, consider getting one for yourself.

Yes, I must keep my home safe – from myself.

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