Friday, March 2, 2012

How to Help Writers and How to Add the Donate Button

You love your writer friends and family members, and you want to help them financially because you know that the only way they make money is if somebody uses their writing services. Or maybe they receive their income from AdSense, where people purchase items by clicking on AdSense ads that sit alongside their blogs.

New bloggers don't make a lot of money from AdSense though, because writers have to wait until the amount grows to $100 to access AdSense money. For some of us, that takes a couple of years.

If writers are lucky enough not to live in Illinois, they might make money from Amazon. (Illinois is – and is in – a sad state. Businesses, online or not, are pulling out of Illinois because Illinois requires of businesses – and residents, I might add – too much in taxes.)

In addition to, or instead of, making money from AdSense and Amazon, writers can also make money through paid-to-blog sites; however in the initial stages, writers are lucky if they make as little as $50 a month or less.

Knowing their financial predicament, you might want to hand them some money but they will probably refuse to accept it. So what's a friend to do?

Guess what! You CAN help your writer friends by donating money to their blogs. And they won't be upset with you for doing so! After all, they were the ones who placed the Donate button on their blogs in the first place.

How can you help, you ask? By clicking the DONATE button on their blogs!

And if you are a writer who doesn't have a Donate button on your blog, and you want a DONATE button, please read the instructions below to get one:

Before you begin, if you don't have a PayPal account, get one. Just go to PayPal and set up an account. Of course, if you have a blog, you already have a PayPal account, but if you want to start a blog, you're going to need a PayPal account.

Then, after you have a PayPal account, click this link: Buttons for donations. After you arrive at the PayPal site, click Create your button now (located next to the Donate button). PayPal will walk you through the steps (you'll have to log in), and you can then place the button on your blog. Your readers won't need a PayPal account to donate. They can donate with their credit or debit cards.

The Donate button will not appear on WordPress blogs that have WordPress in the url, but it does work on Blogger blogs. Just go to Layout, then to Add a Gadget, scroll down to HTML/JavaScript, click the + sign, give the entry a Title (or not), enter the code given to you by PayPal under Content, and click Save. Your readers can now donate money to you.

Want to try it out? Click the Donate button on this blog ;)

If you would like to read more from this author, I invite you to click on any of the blogs or articles that sit under the Donate button on the upper right hand side of this blog.

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