Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Looking for Ideas for Your Next Book, Blog, or Article?

Probably my most treasured asset is my imagination and creativity. Never at a loss for ideas – as a matter of fact, deluged by them – I have numerous files filled with ideas I've yet to explore, research, or write about.

I know. I'm lucky. But I know others who scratch their heads until they are practically bald trying to come up with even one idea worth pursuing. For you, my little balding friend, I offer the following help:

The Creative (Writing) Spirit explores creativity and imagination and offers some creative writing exercises that will give your imagination a workout. 

Sometimes the problem with conjuring ideas is writers block. For those of you suffering from writers block, a nightmare for many writers, I offer Writer's Block – the Key to Unlocking the Block

Still at a loss for ideas? Check out Daily Writing Tips for everything from The Winning Formula for Writing Success to Creative Writing 101, and so much more. 

In closing, just pay attention to every sight and sound around you. As I mention in The Creative (Writing) Spirit, freeze the frame around you and write about it. Then send me your link.

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