Monday, March 12, 2012

Why a Business Degree Might Improve Your Chances for Writing Success

Most writers I know are more concerned with the creative aspect of writing than they are about publicity and marketing. Sadly, unless they are abundantly wealthy or famous, they soon discover that unless somebody else markets and promotes their writing, the book they wrote never gets published and their best seller remains in a drawer. 

How many writers have written a book that they KNOW will make it to the top of the BEST SELLER list? They printed a copy, mailed it to publishing houses around the world, and waited patiently (or impatiently) for a response. After several months nobody calls, and they don't understand why. 

Maybe it's time they – and you – learned how to market your own material by going back to school or by continuing your education. 

"OH, NO!" I can almost hear some of you screaming. Like most of us, the thought of returning to school seems so foreign – and impossible. With kids to raise or grandchildren to care for, who has time to drive to class, spend time in class, and do all of the after-school work required? 

That's when online learning comes to the rescue. You can attend classes in well established business schools, like Southern New Hampshire University, without ever having to leave your Southern California (or wherever you live) home. Learning about the business side of writing helps you understand the theory behind what works and what doesn't in promoting your book (or whatever you've written).

While you await your "Big Break" with your novel, your screenplay, or you children's picture book, you can study for your online MBA in Marketing and your MBA in Social Media Marketing. 

Consider the alternative: You could stay where you are, using your methods, hoping one day to become recognized, or you could take the plunge and learn how to market and promote your works.

Worried about losing your creative edge? Don't! If you are creative, that creativity will seep into everything you do – even when it comes to marketing your works, thereby giving YOU an advantage, because armed with knowledge and creativity, you will be a dynamo others will notice.

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