Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Writing Creatively for Companies That Don't Seem Creative

Writing creatively is sometimes difficult for writers who feel stilted by writing about topics that don't lend themselves to creativity, but you can write creatively about anything – if you are willing to think creatively.

As writers who rely on clients for our writing business, we need to be professional and flexible. When clients ask us to write about topics that are unfamiliar to us, like chemical investment banking, for instance, our job requires us to research, and we have to captivate our audience (and theirs) with our own special writing style. 

Familiarizing ourselves with our clients' web sites and reading any written material they provide should be our first objective. Finding out from clients their purpose in posting the blog is important and necessary to know as well.

Let's say, for example, that a customer asks you to write about chemical mergers and acquisitions for his web site. If you are unfamiliar with chemicals, you must search his web site to understand what is expected of you. And if, after searching the web site, you still don't understand what is expected of you, ask. Maybe the client's chemical site is a specialist investment bank. If you hadn't read the web site, you wouldn't know to include that information in your blog.

Sometimes clients approach us with requests to write about subjects that we have no interest in writing or that don't fit in with our own blog's theme. In those cases, you can refuse to write the blog, thereby losing money, or you can spend time learning about the company, think creatively, and post the blog anyway.

Whatever you decide to do, be professional. Politely declining a blog request in the following way, rather than ignoring the client, is the better approach in dealing with prospective writing clients – "I'm sorry I will have to decline. My blog topic doesn't fit in with your request. If, however, you have anything related to my blog theme, I'll be happy to write about it." – In this way, you are not blatantly refusing to write the blog, you are politely declining to write it in a way that leaves you open for more job opportunities. 

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