Friday, April 13, 2012

How to Come Up with Great Ideas

When I was 10 years old, I knew I loved to write. I never thought I would make a living from it, because I didn't realize anybody COULD make money from writing, but I loved the process and I loved seeing the results of my imagination take form on paper.

But after writing my first "masterpiece," I panicked. WHAT IF I NEVER HAD ANOTHER GOOD IDEA?

The thought was paralyzing. Where might I find another good idea?

As it turns out, the answer to that question turned out to be – EVERYWHERE.

And from "everywhere" I mean that I found inspiration to write from:

• conversations with friends and family

• famous or infamous quotations

• watching children engaged in sports or other activities

• creative or funny commercials

• funny blogs 

• interesting web sites such as those found at Time 

• creative television programs, such as The Nate Berkus Show

• funny television shows, such as The Ellen Degeneres Show 

• creative blogs like …love Maegan

• things that interest other people, such as Pinterest 

• humor sites such as Humor Outcasts 

• dreams

• inventions

• newspapers and magazines

• movies

• hobbies

• scientific discoveries

• historical stories

• biographies

• travel

• space

• science fiction

• inspirational books, including the Bible

• my own interests

• my own values

• my own beliefs

• my imagination

• brainstorming

Did any of those spark even the slightest hint of an idea for you? No? Try combining some of the ideas mentioned above. For instance, suppose you write about a dream you had where you and Nate Berkus travel through space together and create an actual magic carpet that, when you step upon it, you transform your entire life.

Or you've just come up with a humorous spin on a new invention that promises to become the newest hobby craze. 

Once you come up with an idea, record it in the notes mode on your smart phone, on a pad of paper you leave next to your bed, anywhere – just record it. After a while you'll be able to connect one idea to the next and before long, you'll have completed that book, that article, that blog, or that screenplay you've always wanted to write.

Need more help? Find out how to boost your creativity by reading The Creative (Writing) Spirit and how to prevent writers block by reading Writers Block – the Key to Unlocking the Block.

Most of all, PLAY with your ideas. Have fun with them. If you enjoy them, the likely result will be that others will too.

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