Thursday, May 17, 2012

Writing and Fantasizing on a Sheepskin Rug

As a writer who surrounds myself with comfort, I require softness everywhere – soft blankets, soft window coverings, soft clothing, soft lighting, and whatever else comes in soft form. 

Sheepskin rugs have always held a special appeal to me, because they remind me of warm romantic evenings curled in front of a fireplace with the love of my life. The cozy comfortable look of a soft white sheepskin rug just seems so inviting and warm. I see myself spreading out on it after the shower I took when I returned from my enclosed front porch where I spent the day writing stunning screenplays and looking out at the lake that faces my back yard. Yes, that is the dream.

Of course I would probably never want to leave my home if it was that comfortable but I do have to drive sometimes – to get more soft things. Because once again, comfort reigns supreme. Sitting on my car's hot leather seats in the summer is painful, though, so sheepskin seat covers for my car are necessary, especially when I wear shorts. I hate having my thighs burn (unless they burn because my muscles have tightened due to exerise) and I hate sticking to car seats. 

Sheepskin products in general just seem so warm and inviting, as opposed to hot and uninviting, like the scorching heat I feel on hot summer mornings when I climb into my car and grab the wheel where I practically fly through the roof in pain and feel blisters forming on the palms of my hands (I need my hands to write and type). A nice sheepskin wheel cover would prevent that from happening.

Another place I especially enjoy comfort is in the bedroom, especially on mornings after I've had a good night's sleep (rare). I know a lot of people enjoy the feel of jumping on hardwood floors when they first awaken, but I'll take a soft sheepskin rug any time. The only thing missing in this scenario is the love of my life I mentioned earlier in this blog (where ARE you?).



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