Thursday, July 26, 2012

Screenplay Threat iPad Cover

While writing a blog for my Your Weird Dreams blog, I came across this ad for an iPad cover made especially for screenwriters. As a result of my fascination with this little iPad cover, I couldn't resist telling other screenwriters about it in this blog.

I consider myself to be, not only a threat, but also a double threat, because the warning tells readers to be careful or they'll end up in one of my screenplays. Friends and family, however, must beware that in addition to ending up in one of my screenplays, they may also end up in one of my blogs. AH HA HA HA HA HA HA!

Sadly, I am not allowed to click on my own ads, so this iPad cover will have to wait until I either get enough funds to pay somebody else to get it for me, or find it through some other means (I wonder if they accept PayPal), but let this be known – I WILL PURCHASE this iPad cover for myself. It is soooo fitting, don't you agree?

Never mind! When I tested the link, up popped a 35% off coupon, AND they allow PayPal payment, so I'll be getting it after all! WHOOPI! 

AFTERWORD: I purchased the Screenplay Threat iPad cover, and it didn't fit my iPad. Hopefully all new covers will be adjusted to fit the iPad. CafePress graciously returned my money.




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