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How I Increased My Adsense Revenue – How You Can Too!

Please note: While some of the material in this blog is relevant, any mention of Google Affiliate ads is not. However, parts of this blog are relevant even today, so I chose not to delete it, especially since I refer to this blog in another blog. So please ignore the Google Affiliate references, and pay attention to Adsense and Amazon Affiliates.

When I first started blogging in January of 2009 (my first blog was A Day In My Life), I knew nothing about blogging and I knew nothing about Adsense. I had crazy images of a home on the lake, a screened-in back porch that looked out over the lake, a tall glass of iced water with one slice of lemon, a laptop on my lap, and residual income accumulating in my bank.

What I later discovered was that Adsense wouldn't send a payment until my Adsense account reached $100. My first payment didn't arrive until June of 2011 – yeah, it took me two and a half years to make my first $100 – not exactly an amount anybody can live on.

Thinking I could make more money from Amazon, I signed up with them and I prayed things would turn around for me. With any luck I could actually make a living with Amazon. Things were looking good (well, except for when I got breast cancer that same year) UNTIL Amazon pulled out of Illinois because Illinois tacked on such exorbitant taxes it caused even Jimmy Johns to consider leaving the state. My hopes of cashing in on Amazon disappeared. (Illinois, under pressure from many factions, later changed its policy, and Amazon decided to stay.)

So I was back to Adsense as my only source of blogging income. 

No Longer Relevant: But then Google came up with another idea – an idea that was perfect for me, other Illinois residents, and everyone else. Like every new idea, implementing this one would take time and strategy for bloggers.

What was the idea that would help increase revenue for bloggers? Let me explain visually. If you take a look at my first blog (linked above), you will notice ads in the middle of the blog – Google Affiliate Ads (which I have since changed to Amazon Affiliate Ads – read the update below). Those types of ads were not available in January of 2009. I recently added them and resurrected the blog – something you, too, can do to generate even more income. Now look above that blog and to the side of the blog. There you will notice Adsense ads, referred to as AdChoices. 

Pay attention to the ad(s) that appear under AdChoices, and then go to a different blog of mine, one of my more popular blogs, Forensic Babies. Notice the difference. AdChoices ads are not the same from blog to blog. Google places relevant ads according to what you've written in your blog. (Amazon Affiliates allow you to choose your own ads.

You never know in advance what Google ads will appear in your blog, but even if what Google places doesn't seem relevant, the ad itself can generate income if people purchase the products listed there. 

CHANGED: If, like me, you were never successful at making money from Adsense, you might find more success with Amazon Affiliate Ads because you can choose which ads will appear in your blog. When people purchase products they find in your blog, Amazon places money in your Adsense account.

Finding relevant ads might be difficult at first, but keeping the theme of your blog in mind when you choose your ads will help. Depending on the length of your blog, place ads only after every three or so paragraphs. Any more and your blog will look as if the only purpose for it being there is to generate money. Provide interesting content that your readers will enjoy reading. If you fill it with only a bunch of ads, you'll lose readers.

After you place Amazon Affiliate ads, you'll probably notice an improvement in your Adsense account (I did), because when people buy the products you've placed in your blog, you get a percentage of the sale.

To be honest, I don't blog very often even though I write numerous blogs (see the sidebar). I'm sure that if I spent more time blogging I would see an even better increase in my Adsense account. Right now, though, I'm crocheting hats for grandchildren and cancer patients, and I'm spending time caring for my grandchildren. 

But I'm not here to discuss my other ventures. I'm here to discuss how YOU can make more money from your blogs.

If you don't already know how to add Adsense to your blog, or if you don't already have a blog and you want to monetize (make money from) your blog with Adsense, get a Google Blog (

Once you have a blog, go to Layout.

Then go to Add a Gadget.

When the new window pops up, scroll down to Adsense.

Follow the instructions from there.

To improve your chances of increasing revenue, find relevant ads (specific ads that relate to your blog topic). If you cannot find ads that relate to one particular blog, find ads relevant to your blog theme. One of my blogs, Help for Single Parents, includes ads that concern children, parents, and grandparents. In other words, I don't find ads that relate just to single parents.

Can't think of a topic that's product-related? Consider writing about upcoming holidays, and include holiday-specific ads. At various times throughout the year, certain events arise, like the beginning of school when children need school supplies. People celebrate birthdays all year round. Gifts for every type of circumstance can find their way into your blog. Think of what you might want to purchase. Amazon offers all kinds of items. What else do you think is "hot" right now? How about a Nintendo 3DS? Plug it in! Like this:

Check your Adsense account before you set up Amazon Affiliate ads. Check your Adsense account every day for a couple of weeks. Then set up your Amazon Affiliate account. Wait a couple more weeks. Check your Adsense account to see if you've increased your sales. It worked for me. Good luck!

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  1. I now have Adsense on my blog, thanks Theresa. Now all I have to do is to write more articles and to get more visitors.

    1. I wish you lots of luck, Tony. I think we all could use more visitors :)




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