Friday, November 30, 2012

Recent Blog Posts – from Gum Balls to Ghost Hunts

What follows are links to blogs I have posted since October 3, 2012.

Product Favorites

This blog recounts an experience I had as a child when what I thought was happening wasn't happening at all.

My Heart Blogs to You

Just when something happens to make you feel horrible, something comes along to make you feel worse.

I HATE spiders, so I was NOT happy about this situation.

The grandkids really got into the spirit of Gangman Style – Wiza style, of course.

My sisters and I discovered something about each other at this Super Sister Sleepover.

Paranormal Minds

Ever wanted to go on a real life ghost hunt? Well, you missed this one. But I'm sure they'll host more.

Meaningful coincidences and synchronicity make up this blog.

If you enjoy the paranormal, you may enjoy paranormal fiction. Read this interview with author, Christie Silvers.

Your Weird Dreams

Bet you didn't realize that Ringo Starr owned his own consignment shop – only in my dreams.

Help for Single Parents

Proactive parenting prevents a lot of mishaps.

Guest Blog Post by Lyn Lomasi
Guest blogger Lyn Lomasi reveals homeschooling tips from an actual home schooler (her).

All Craft Connection

Your love of crochet can translate to a meaningful gift for somebody going through chemotherapy.

This beautiful yarn is tricky to use, but once you learn how to use it, you realize how simple it really is.

Your Blog Connection

PUT YOUR BLOG HERE! I will showcase your blog if you write English correctly and if I think your blog is interesting – I can be objective.

My Wordpress Blog

Romney knows how to run a business, so why not offer his expertise to Obama?

I could not believe what I was listening to on the radio from somebody who proclaimed to be a Christian.

Save money – don't have a funeral at all. Donate your body to science!

You'll laugh about this some day – if you've heard that before, make "some day" today and learn to live your life in retrospect.

The title says it all!

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