Sunday, December 30, 2012

Gifts Embedded Within Emails

Life is hectic. Sometimes too hectic. One person who receives over a hundred emails a day and has to skip a day at the computer now and then (more if family visits) finds herself buried beneath an avalanche of emails.

I am that person. 

So here I am on the day after my son left my home, sifting through thousands – yes thousands – of emails going back to (shame on me) January 2012, and on 10/31/12, I find this little gem (sorry, Elizabeth – I just found it): If you click the link, I'm No. 19.

Hello Theresa

I work for, and am writing this to let you know about a list we've published recognizing the "Top 25 Reading and Writing Resources for English Buffs"

We pored through hundreds of worthy sites focused on teaching English, writing, and reading. We selected our final 25 based on factors including readership, post quality, search ranking, and site age. I'm very pleased to let you know that your site has made the final list! You can view it here:

As a site focused on being a resource for English students, many who will enter the workforce as writers and educators, we felt it was essential to highlight the best in the industry. No matter if someone is interested in teaching to non-native speakers, creative writing, or just keeping up with the best in literature, we hope they'll find this list to be useful.

Should you wish to spread the word about the list and promote your inclusion, we've created a badge for you; included both as an embed code (found below) and as a file attachment:

Congratulations, and if you have any questions for me, or need help incorporating the badge on your site please let me know!


So, Elizabeth, I apologize for not acknowledging sooner the link you provided on your web site. THANK YOU!

If you would like to read more from this author, please see the sidebar and THANK YOU for visiting!

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