Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Wonders of a Website Chat Tool Known as Chatwing

Guest Blog Post from aaron@chatwing

In the modern era, blogging is now more than just a trend—it is an unfaltering discipline that will be remembered for many years. Through blogging, people are learning new information every now and then. Information in the blogosphere is divided into niches, complete with thousands of subscribers to know and meet. If you want to enter the realm of blogging, you can have a clever head-start with a simple but wonderful application known as Chatwing.

Chatwing is a chat box that can be installed to your blog. Like other chat boxes, it provides another way for you and your visitors to communicate effectively. What sets the Chatwing tool apart from the bunch is its level of customization and accessibility options.

Color schemes, font styles, and sizes are common in the Chatwing chatbox. If you have a creative mind, you can try out these styles in the account dashboard. Background images are also available, so you can really overhaul the appearance of the chatbox. You can change the appearance as often as you want.

The wonders of the Chatwing tool don’t stop on customization alone. You can take advantage of the tool’s social media connectivity option. Visitors of the chatroom can log in with their Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Yahoo accounts. This is beneficial for online marketers who want to reach more people in lesser time. Do you only want a single login method for everyone? That is easy—you can check or uncheck the login methods in the dashboard. For greater accessibility, it is advisable to put two or more login methods.

Currently, the chat box can be used in five languages. Since the chat tool is in a very dynamic stage, you can expect for more upcoming features in months. With the Chatwing tool embedded in your site, better online visibility is now ensured.

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