Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Funny Lady from Humor Outcasts

Erma Bombeck was one of my idols. I still remember reading about how her supportive husband set up an office for her in their garage. I daydreamed about the day my husband would do the same for me. I would get the kids off to school, run to my office, and throw my ideas all over the page. Screenplays, newspaper columns, and magazine articles would jump out of my head and scramble to my fingers, which would type up amazing words of art. 

That never happened.

Today, however, though I am husbandless, I have the opportunity to write blogs from the sanctuary of wherever I might be (anywhere from my bedroom to my living room to my kids' homes to a balcony overlooking the Gulf of Mexico in Panama City Beach – that last one happened only once).

I never had the kind of support system that Erma Bombeck had, but I was grateful that Erma Bombeck did, and I was sad when she died.

Today I get my Erma Bombeck fix from Donna Cavanagh, who writes about everyday events – from her perspective (funny). Haven't heard of Donna Cavanagh? I've written about her before (along with Marie Anne St. Jean) with this blog: 2 Great Links from 2 Great Writers.  

And I've recently written about Donna here: Donna Cavanagh, a Modern Day Erma Bombeck!

I invite you to take a peak!


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(Cartoon of Donna Cavanagh was drawn by Simon Ellinas.)

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