Friday, July 26, 2013

Sad Face :(

So rarely do I get to post anything that when I do, I feel as if I've accomplished so much, I almost want to congratulate myself. So imagine my chagrin when I posted several articles yesterday, went on a social media frenzy sharing everything, and then discovered that the site shut down. And worse, I had just posted the little Thank You you see above. Oh, woe is me.

Anyway, I'd like to post links to those articles (and a couple of blogs) in case anyone wants to read them or tried to read them yesterday, and discovered they couldn't read them because the site was down. 

BubbleWS is very precarious as it is experiencing some growing pains, but with an Alexa ranking of 2,872 (out of a possible 1 billion) and because BubbleWS is only about 1 and a half years old, I have to be forgiving.

Here they are with a small explanation about each post.

Started My Day With a Laugh is a post I wrote after reading a hilarious comment made by one of my Facebook friends.

Attention Deficit Disaster is a blog I wrote about my ongoing problem with paying attention.

Do I Look LIke I Need a Date? is a Facebook-related post, written after receiving a questionable email from one of my Facebook "friends."

Prisoner to Netflix's Orange is the New Black is a short review about the new Netflix original.

Bipolar? Might Be From the Flu! is a blog written after discovering a link between Bipolar disorder and the flu.

How to Make Sense Out of Nonsense Can YOU make sense out of nonsense? Read the post to see what I think about it.

WHERE IS MY CUP? I could spend hours trying to find it before giving up.

Rescued Dog Needs Continued Care is the story of a precious rescue dog who needs ongoing treatment and loving care.

Creative Kids – Try Finger Knitting is a blog I intended on writing a year and a half ago, but forgot I had it in my file. If you've never heard of finger knitting and you want to introduce your children to a new skill, please read the blog.

Want to read more from this author? Please either see the sidebar or click my Gallery of Posts and THANK YOU for visiting.

Happy Face :)

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